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Jul 31, 2017 6:50 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2017


Eliminating the need for Kerosene & Candles


It came to my attention after reading a blog, that a staggering percentage of around 90% of the rural population in Africa does not have access to electricity. I want to help change this statistic!

The use of kerosene and candles is still the main source of light in the rural communities throughout Africa.

There are charities supporting other parts of Africa in providing the opportunity to change to solar.

I would like to help give the people of Zimbabwe the opportunity to experience the benefits of solar, concentrating on the communities in the rural areas surrounding the Motopos National Park.


The problem


Using kerosene and candles is dangerous to health and a cause of death partictularly in young children by inhaling toxic fumes.

Without access to electricity, the ability for students to study after school hours is limited.


The Aim


To reach as many families and schools as possible, to provide them with the opportunity to replace dangerous kerosene lamps and candles with a safe alternative by way of a solar light.

This will help in a variety of ways

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • increased opportunity for income generating projects
  • Less health problems
  • Increased study time for students
  • Saving money on costly and toxic kerosene

We need around A$1500 which will enable lights to be offerred at a subsidised price and also to assist in covering fuel costs to reach these far away communities and schools within the Matopos Area, some of which are up to 80kms away from Bulawayo.

These lights (Sun King) are listed on the World Register so have been tried and tested and are already making a difference in the Matopos.

The goal is to reach many more communities and schools.

With your help we can light up the Matopos!!

Team Members

Fiona Barnes

Contact Information:

Fiona Barnes

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