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Jul 31, 2017 6:50 AM ET

Intelligent finance new trend: UP Financial sets sail with “AI+big data”

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2017

Up Financial CEO Steven Yuan: Intelligent finance breaks the boundaries of innovation, and provides a new way of wealth creation

SHANGHAI — As the root of multiple industries, the financial industry’s evolution will make a significant contribution to the growth of the economy. On July 16Steven Yuan, CEO of UP Financial, at the LendIT Summit in Shanghai, presented to the whole world at the commercial application of shared AI- geometric stock, which marked the growth and imagination of China’s intelligent finance. In a speech under the title of “technology-driven new finance”, he predicted that wealth management and investment decisions will become highly intelligent for the economyIt can promote financial assets growing in a geometrical progression, and be able to drive the real economy’s development, and create unlimited value. The ultimate goal of the transformation of technological finance is to break the boundary of industrial innovations and increase the social value to the economy. New intelligent finance marks this improving direction.

Steven Yuan, CEO of UP Financial

Building new financial world energized by AI

Steven Yuan of UP Financial once said that finance is an ancient art, and technology supports it. He pointed out that technology had a great significance to finance. Steven Yuan said that the practice of “entity + big data + AI” can solve the problems of income inequality, aging and the fluctuations of assets. In the past, traditional finance has been limited to a narrow dimension.

He predicted that there were two trends of the new financial development. The first was intelligent investment consultancy, namely the introduction of asset management portfolio based on big data identification, and formed through algorithm calculating and modeling for the personal finance users. The second is to work together with traditional finance to promote upgrading the whole financial industry. The subdivision platforms represented by emerging technological finance companies such as UP Financial have been expanded from vertical to diversified scenarios.

Focus on masses, UP Financial defines new wealth philosophy

According to the report of global wealth management 2016 by  Boston Consulting Group, the total amount of China’s private investable assets will exceed 200 trillion yuan by 2020. Chinese families, with the rapid growth of household wealth in the near future, will be in the leading position worldwide.

There is a financial philosophy which is “connect future wealth with current strength”. Steven Yuan has been applying this kind of philosophy to the public. The answer is to use financial technology, to make socially idle resources recreate value.

UP Financial, therefore, aims to bring wealth management services for the masses which is only enjoyed by few people in the past, through building an intelligent as well as personalized new financial ecosystem, and identifying potential risks with big data, thus driving the development of all sectors and the real economy to produce a steady stream of social value. In this way, the financial technology companies can also realize its own value.

With sharp business acumen, customer-oriented concept, young brand image, approachable quality, and “intelligent data wealth solutions” service orientation, UP Financial brought the relationship between intelligent finance and society closer. China’s mass affluent class has a natural desire for wealth management. Those people have an urgent demand for the customized and diversified products or services, and a profound understanding of scientific management methods. The reason why UP Financial has a leading position in the field of intelligent finance is due to the fact that is able to grasp customers needs and use the rapid development of technology.

Winner thinks ahead, Technical Language guides intelligent finance

UP Financial utilizes big data technology in identifying high-quality users, anti-fraud in real-time and improving risk control. By applying artificial intelligence and technology to financial innovation and operational experience optimization, UP Financial is now taking the lead of intelligent financial management to become the vanguard of new financial business.

Steven Yuan introduced that the geometric stock is the typical application of “big data+ AI” in the field of intelligent investment consultancy. UP Financial is always bearing the profound understanding into mind that what customers want and not simply to give a recommendation for stocks, but the “carefree” service that packs investment knowledge, huge amounts of information, methodology, strategy, and monitoring together. Based on the machine learning and model calculation of listed companies’ basic data, stock market’s historical trading data, information data, etc., robots replace investment managers, biometric identification replaces bank cards, which marks a significant transformation of the financial ideology and service modes.

It can be said that UP Financial has creatively completed the work of “intelligent presentation of the procedure from seeing a news to trading a set of stocks.” Now, intelligent finance is a powerful tool of UP Financial to help people connect the future wealth of life.


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