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Jul 30, 2017 8:20 AM ET

The Wild Party Denver Unleash your inner flapper at a 360˚ musical set in the Roaring Twenties, brought to life by the producers of Sweet & Lucky

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2017

About this project

You’re invited to leave your inhibitions (and Prohibitions) behind from October 11 – 31 as you join a decadent party in the Roaring Twenties, brought to you by the producers of Sweet & Lucky.

The Wild Party is a musical by Michael John LaChiusa, based on a 1928 poem so scandalous that it was banned outright. It follows a mix of debaucherous vaudevillians as they attempt to drink and dance their way out of personal problems over the course of one fateful night. In our immersive staging, you’ll be smack in the middle of all the drama as we convert the 10,000 square foot Hangar at Stanley Marketplace into an art-deco dream of days long past.

Just like in Sweet & Lucky, you’re more than an audience – you’re a guest at the party enjoying big musical numbers and getting whisked away for special surprises. Indulge your inner flapper as you mingle with an unruly mix of playboys, divas, former boxing champs and ingénues in a Manhattan apartment lost in time. As the night loses control and our characters unmask to reveal their true selves, you just might discover a side of yourself that only one wild night can reveal.

Whether you’re a wallflower or a jitterbug, we hope you’ll help us bring this jazz-and-gin-soaked dream to life.

Meridith C. Grundei in Sweet & Lucky. Photo Credit: Adams VisCom
Meridith C. Grundei in Sweet & Lucky. Photo Credit: Adams VisCom


Off-Center is committed to thinking outside the box and creating exciting ways to surprise our audiences, plucking them out of reality for 360-degree shows of all sizes. 

Last year we embarked on the largest immersive theatre experience Denver had ever seen, Sweet & Lucky, and were met with overwhelming support from our community. Thanks to everyone who backed our successful Kickstarter campaign, we were able to fill a massive warehouse with antiques, a swimming hole, a time-bending house and a whole lot of memories. The sold-out show was the start of a new era for Off-Center, and we’ve been aiming to push the envelope ever since.

The Wild Party will share some familiar faces from the Sweet & Lucky team, including two performers from the cast to direct (Amanda Berg Wilson) and choreograph (Patrick Mueller), as well as the costume designer (Meghan Anderson Doyle) and sound designer (Sean Hagerty). The Wild Party will also feature a new immersive set by Frankenstein’s scenic designer Jason Sherwood, music direction by David Nehls, and lighting design by Jason Lynch.

Jason Sherwood’s immersive scenic design for “The View UpStairs” Off-Broadway. Photo credit: Kurt Sneddon
Jason Sherwood’s immersive scenic design for “The View UpStairs” Off-Broadway. Photo credit: Kurt Sneddon



By supporting our Kickstarter, you’re giving our team of local actors, musicians and artists the chance to create a thrilling new theatrical experience for our community. But to bring the party to life, we need your help.

Funds raised on Kickstarter will enable us to fully realize the creative team’s bold vision for this show. Every object should feel intentional and every element will take you deeper into the story. They weren’t called the Roaring Twenties for nothing, and we want the experience to scream of the times.

By donating to our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll not only help us tell this story, but you’ll also become a part of it. Check out all of our incredible rewards to see how you can elevate your experience at The Wild Party.

The Roaring Twenties
The Roaring Twenties


Risks and challenges

Putting on an immersive production outside of our stages has many risks, but with successes such as Sweet & Lucky and Travelers of the Lost Dimension, we’re honing in on what our team needs and what our audience wants out of a 360º experience. Without backers like you, elements of the show would need to be scaled back and our bigger vision would need to shrink. Your support will allow this party to be wild, not mild, and help us pull off our ambitious approach to telling this musical.

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