SketchForm An awesome new tool for artists to create their visions. SketchForm is a poseable reference figure and sculpting armature. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 30, 2017 7:50 AM ET

SketchForm An awesome new tool for artists to create their visions. SketchForm is a poseable reference figure and sculpting armature.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2017

About this project


 SketchForm is a dynamic reference figure for drawing as well as a sculpting armature. Highly poseable, and proportionate, its a great tool for artists.

Great for illustration, figure drawing, painting and sculpting. SketchForm is a great visual and physical aid to help artists work out pose and proportion for their figures.

Unleash your creativity as you quickly discover expressive poses and compositions. See your composition from all angles and make changes to improve the visual impact before committing to your sculpture or drawing.

Whether you paint, draw or sculpt in traditional or digital medium, SketchFrom is a great asset.

Traditional artists will find SketchForm useful as a posing and proportional reference or to create photographs to work from.

Digital artist can use SketchForm to work out poses and proportion as well as to create photo reference that serves as a base layer on which to build the final image.

As a sculpting armature, SketchForm stays out of your way while helping you keep track of joints and proportions as you sculpt. Adjusting the pose at any point during the sculpting process is simple and requires minimal repair to the sculpture as the joints bend and hold their shape even under clay. SketchForm’s slightly textured surface holds clay quite well.

If you don’t want to get your SketchForm all messy with clay, you can still use SketchForm as a reference model to work out the pose and portions for your own traditional wire armature.








We are taking pre-orders for our first batch of SketchForm figures in this campaign. Once we reach our campaign goals, we will do a short final design push, then go into production.

We expect to begin shipping within six months of the conclusion of the campaign. SketchForm will be manufactured using SLS 3D printed nylon, and each one hand assembled by our team.









SketchForm was designed by a small team of artists, family and friends. It was our own pursuit of artistic development that led us to the inspiration for and development of SketchForm.

We have enjoyed the support, advice and encouragement of people all around us. We are grateful and would never have made it this far without them. Thank you.

If we are successful with this campaign, we look forward to growing our team and expanding our production capacity so that we can deliver high quality products to our customers.

Troy, Tibbi, and Emily

Doghouse Industries LLC


Risks and challenges

SketchForm is currently a working prototype and the design will continue to evolve in the months following the campaign. Pre-orders will help fund the future improvement of SketchForm. Our plan is to always continue improving.

We have sourced all of our suppliers, and materials and have plans in place for production and shipping.

Contact Information:

Doghouse Industries

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