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Jul 30, 2017 8:50 AM ET

Arab/Jewish Theater Project/Pascal Rambert Israel Premiere Jewish, Arab & Christians Creating Spectacular Theater In The Heart Of Israel With The world-renowned Director-Pascal Rambert

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2017

About this project


We are creating theater performance with and for Arab, Jewish Christians and Palestiniansresidents in underprivileged neighborhood in the city of Jaffa directed by the famous European director Pascal Rambert, who will come to Jaffa especially to direct the show. This theater work will offer these populations an opportunity to tell their personal story and have the ability to perform all together in the performance titled ‘A (Micro) History of World Economics, Danced”; a theatrical work performed by the inhabitants from the underprivileged neighborhood of Jaffa which are noon professional actors. The performance is free of charge for the public and will be taking place in October at the Old City of Jaffa.


Our goal is based on calculation of the amount we need to make this project happen, (production costs, equipment flights etc..) I am volunteering to make this project happen

Where did the idea come from?

Gal came up with the idea of getting Arab, Jewish, Christians and Palestinians youth and adult residents engaged in a large-scale and professional theater project in their own neighborhoods. Through her, the contact with Pascal Rambert came about and got him eager to join this special production of his work in Jaffa, Israel

THE PERFORMANCE “A (Micro) History of World Economics, Danced”

 project video thumbnail

A show performed by non-professional actors whose aim and focus is to find meaning in a joint crisis through sharing histories and learning to accept and respect each other’s differences while acknowledging our similarities. The performance has been performed with residents of neighborhoods all across the world including Egypt, China, the United States, Germany and others.

It has received very positive reviews by audiences and international critics


My name is Elik Niv, I’m both a dancer, performer, and choreographer, working in Berlin, Brussels and across Israel where I am creating dance theater performances and teaching dance in both Arab and Jewish theaters and academies in Israel.


” a ballet of raw bodies share their own histories in the larger history of economics – tall, short, young, old, of different ethnicities and ancestry on stage as one community to make meaning of a crisis

Article About the Performance in Egypt http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/5/35/125531/Arts–Culture/Stage–Street/On-fifty-people-dancing-to-the-rhythm-of-world-eco.aspx

Article of Pascal Rambert visit in Jaffa


PASCAL RAMBERT – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal_Rambert

Author, Choreographer & Film Director Since 2007, served as the director of T2G, Theater De Gennevilliers and as the Artistic Director of Bouffos Du Nord theater. He is the winner of many theater prizes among them:

● Grand Prize in Dramatic Literature – 2012

● Prix de l’auteur (Author’s Award) – 2013

● French Academy’s Prix Émile Augier – 2015

OUR TEAM – members and experience

Elik Niv – Former dancer of Sasha Waltz & Guests and currently working in Needcompany in Brussels,

I have 17 years of experience in dance theater,

In the last 7 years I have been involved in few social art projects,

​Such as – The Rural Project​ in South Africa, where I taught in community centers and orphanages in Limpopo District (project created & managed by PJ Sabbagha of Forgotten Angle Dance Company).

Alvin Ailey Dance School in Dakar – Senegal, where I taught and created a dance piece at the social arts program in underprivileged neighborhoods , supported by the Israeli Embassy.

Gal Hurvitz – Actress & Director Director of Etty Hillesum Theater – www.ettyhillesum.org​    

Gal was an actress in Théâtre du soleil of Ariane Mnouchkine, She worked in several countries as a theater director and finished her M1 degree at Paris8. She is the founder and artistic director of the Etty Hillesum youth theater.                                                                               


●  French Institute in Israel. (​institutfrancais-israel.com​)

●  Etty Hillesum Theater.

●  Mishlama Institute in Jaffa.


● We believe it is time for artists to take action in our sad reality in such as the one we are faced with in Israel.      

One where Jews and Arabs rarely collaborate and interact.

As in any domain and especially in the arts, we believe cannot wait for such a change to occur by itself and therefore we must create our own platform for communication and collaboration while exemplifying the beauty that naturally unfolds with such a project.    

● Art is the best mean to do so as it has the power to overcome and transcend ethnic conflicts, social backgrounds and political issues.              It has the power to create a dialogue on a human level where it is needed most.

                                                                                                                          ● It is no cliche. We have seen its enormous effect and results. 

It is our responsibility as artists, not only to create art for those can afford and consume it, but for those who truly can benefit, grow and engage in life-changing experiences through it, changes that can echo and make waves throughout our society. 


● We plan to stage the play in the Old City of Jaffa free of charge for all Jaffa residents.

● We plan to invite politicians and influential personnel in our society in order to show the possible collaboration between Jews and Arabs and its potential effects.

● The play is performed with a total of 50 residents we are recruiting, all of whom are non-professional actors from the underprivileged neighborhoods of the city of Jaffa who will tell their own story and who will be accompanied by 4 professional Arab and Jewish actors, the of Jaffa Choir and a philosopher/actor which will take part in the play.


Rehearsals planned from September 25 thru October 5 with performances on October 6, 7, 8. 


We need  €15,000 to make this become a reality.

For Budget Breakdown Pleas Scroll Below

Photos & Videos are taken from performance in Cairo, Germany, New York City & Switzerland





● Flight & accommodation €2,500

● Producer €800

● Assistant Director €1,000

● Sound Technician €1,200

● Equipment – 5 Wireless Mics, 3 Normal/Dynamic Mics Loudspeakers

+ 2 Stage/Floor Monitors €500

● 4-6 Lighting Low Pressure City Lights €500

● 4 Actors €1,600

● Philosopher/Actor €350

● Rehearsal Rental Space €1,600

● Translation of the text to Hebrew €650

● Two Interns €500

● Rain Policy Cover for Inclement Weather €300

● Water and basic food for the cast €1,200

● Event Security (Obligatory by Municipality) €1,200

Total: 15,000 Euro

Risks and challenges


Our main risks are the engagement of the local inhabitants from all ages and back rounds to take part in our project. 
These are people who do not have experience of performing theater and there for might have fear taking part in such a work.

How do we overcome it?

Our theater has a long term experience working with the inhabitants of Jaffa underprivileged neighborhood

they know our work in thier community and have great deal of appreciation for it.

As well we have contact elder community centers, other Arab/Jewish theaters and local social activists to engage them in our project

we are more then half way through with amount of performers we required 
I we sure we will be able to make this this happen

Contact Information:

Elik Niv

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