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Jul 29, 2017 8:50 AM ET

‘Up in Smoke’ EP

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2017

‘Up in Smoke’ EP

“The Gypsys say fire is regarded as the great purifier…”


This is will be Meg Doherty’s 4th independant release.


After the hugely successful Pozible campaign to get ‘Catch’ up and running in June 2016, this platform seems only fitting for what is going to be Meg’s most mature & developed release to date.


Produced by the credible Shane Nicholson, this 3 track EP is a breakthrough release for the prolific songwriter.


‘Up in Smoke’ is a quirky and significant song in Meg’s catalogue, written in 2016 after divorce, Meg bears her heart and soul to many through the melody and lyrics, with a catchy riff, and heavy harmony lines. The concept is that of lighting the almighty wedding dress on fire… the hidden humour in the heart break is Meg’s trademark, and what makes her a stand out from most female songwriters in Australia. 


The Song is a Dixie Chicks / Miranda Lambert / Patty Griffin power pop release and it is bound to get your feet moving… 


‘Up in Smoke I’m gonna light it’… 



Only through these eyes



How The Funds Will Be Used



Without the funds, there is no project, so in a huge advanced thank you, I am so grateful! Thank you for your support.


Recording at Sound Hole Studios in Sydney with ARIA Award Winning Producer ‘Shane Nicholson’ plus mixing  – $3,500.00

Printing at Replicat  – $750.00

Return Flights to Sydney – $300.00

Art work design – $300.00

Mastering – $300.00

‘Up in Smoke’ Photo Shoot – $200 


TOTAL: $5350.00


Session Musicians – Self Funded 

Promotion – Self Funded

Marketing – Self Funded

Film Clip – Self Funded 



The Challenges

Every Project has it’s challenges.

What I feared in the last project, was completely a waste of energy, becase we were so successful.


Although, an accomplished producer and friend of mine once told me, even the best of artists, the cream of the crop have one thing in common… We all have a little bit of self doubt in our abilities, which keeps us grounded (Mitch Kenny 301 Studios)




1) The Challenge of a deadline of September 14th 2017, this is scary. I know that everything needs to be ready and done by then, so a very strong marketing plan needs to be put in place for this to work. As per last time, everything ran quite smoothly and I couldn’t have asked for a better oiled campaign.


2) Time. Between my 2 jobs, I struggle to find time to eat. So, again, a strong time management plan, support from others, reaching out to resources that can assist where I don’t have to.


3) Choosing the songs! haha! I am a shocker when it comes to songwriting. I write ‘the best song ever’ one week, then the following week, ‘Oh no, I’ve written one better than that’… I have to narrow down the selection to 3 songs which is going to be incredibly difficult. 


Contact Information:

Meg Doherty

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