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Jul 28, 2017 2:50 PM ET

Yeah The Dads Clothing Co.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2017

Yeah The Dads Clothing Co.

“Yeah The Dads Clothing Co.” – OUR STORY


Hello! My name is Shaun, I am a proud dad to three amazing little souls who are all very big influences behind the YTD idea. In a nutshell Yeah The Dads Clothing Co is a passion project that I am launching which will feature a range of clothing for dads, that also supports them as well with $5 from every sale going directly towards supporting the fight for men’s health.


I have been sitting on this idea for a long, long time and have wanted to develop a clothing brand for dads that isn’t a novelty shirt that blokes will wear once, but clothing that guys can wear to show their support for all the dads out there or to be proud to wear it themselves if they are a father.


Most importantly the Yeah The Dads brand is looking to a) give back to the community by supporting the fight against men’s health and also influence fathers to play active and healthy roles in their children’s lives.


The name ‘Yeah The Dads’ is a simple way to describe what the brand is about, celebrating and supporting some rad blokes that dad on every day of the week and do an awesome job of making sure they play an active role in their kids lives. 


We all know you’re the cool dad, that’s your thang! Join the YTD club, get some sweet, sweet threads and show your support for the rest of dads out there that are killing it!




Our Pozible campaign is setup as an all or nothing crowd funding campaign, which means if you back the project and we don’t reach our target a) you won’t be charged at all, and b) we won’t receive any of the funds that have been pledged to our campaign. That’s why we need your help to get this bad boy off the ground and onto your manly chests….. or heads.


We would love your support in helping Yeah The Dads Clothing Co. become a reality. 


Dad on,


How The Funds Will Be Used



Our target for the campaign is $2,500. If we achieve it, it will all go directly to helping fund the manufacturing of our the first clothing collection of 200 tees and 30 hats. 


1. 200 T-Shirts + 30 Hats – $2,500


All other costs including the below have been covered by our own money which has been invested into the project;

  1. Packaging.
  2. Advertising.
  3. Sticker Promotion.
  4. Business setup costs (website, domain name, business name etc.)


All pledges that take us above and beyond our monetary target will automatically go into the manufacturing either extra units of the first four designs or of a fifth design which will be released with the first collection.


The below tee designs will be available in the Yeah The Dad’s Clothing Co – Collection One;


YTD Anchor Tee

YTD Anchor Tee


YTD Logo Tee – White

YTD Black Circle Tee


YTD Logo Tee – Black

YTD White Circle Tee


YTD Shield Tee

YTD Shield Tee




The Challenges



We are lucky enough to have some connections that have helped us get the majority of the preparation work and designs done to get this project off the ground, the biggest challenge now is to continue building our support on our social media channels to spread the word about the campaign, the mission behind the clothes and the brand!


This is where we would love awesome people like you to help spread the word about Yeah The Dads Clothing Co., why supporting the project means you’re definitely not going to have to wait in line for the swings at the park next weekend and how sweet everyone will look in this gear!


So please if you want to support back the campaign, click the share button on Facebook, regram us on Instagram, tell your old man he needs to ditch the novelty fishing tees and throw shade at any dads not wearing a Yeah The Dads tee at the park on Saturday morning. A little bit of support will go along way for us!


Check us out, shoot us a message and follow us on our channels below; 

Contact Information:

Shaun Gregory

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