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Jul 24, 2017 10:03 PM ET

D’LIGHT : Kinetic Lighting -Transformable Lampshade D’LIGHT is a table lamp with a transformable lampshade that moves automatically by an embedded motor inside and a mobile app.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 24, 2017

About this project




+ D’LIGHT : Your very first personal kinetic lighting

A light is the one of important element which contributes the atmosphere of the space. It’s no secret that light have an impact on our feelings and state of mind. D’LIGHT, a modern table lamp with a transformable lampshade, will be the perfect light for not only improving your interior design of the allocated space, but also for comforting atmosphere. D’LIGHT ‒ a compound word of “donative” and “light”‒ is a kinetic lighting with transformable lampshade using flexible honeycomb structure. By simply control it with smartphone application, it automatically moves with an embedded motor inside. Intensity and direction of the light emitted from the lampshade keep change as the shape changes, so user can adjust its shape to make appropriate moods. It will provide a different mood at every angle. With flexible honeycomb structure and diverse designs, D’LIGHT not only provide rich emission of light, but also create wonderful mood in any places.

+ Award winning design

D’LIGHT won three world top design awards – IDEA 2013 (IDSA, USA), GOOD DESIGN BEST100 (JDP, Japan), iF Design Award(iF, Germany). It proves its high level of design quality and good intention from worldwide. 

+ Donation Project : nanumproject

It has been designed for the 4th product of “nanumproject”(‘nanum’ means ‘sharing’ in Korean). “nanumproject” is a donation project to provide educational scholarships to needy children through new product developments. Each “nanumproduct” has symbolic meaning of sharing and love. In case of D’LIGHT, as the conventional lamp shape changes into a heart form, the surrounding gets brighter. It metaphorically expresses that love brightens the world by sharing.   


+ Flat package 

Everything is in the small package. Just open and assemble it.

+ Easy setup

Only 5 steps ahead, before you enjoy D’LIGHT!




+ Use transformable lampshade with diverse base

You can easily make your own kinetic lamp with the universal joint and D’LIGHT’s Smart Bulb. Put the universal joint around the bulb socket, and screw the Smart Bulb into the socket. Then, place the assembled lampshade on the universal joint. Now, you can use it as table lamp, floor lamp, and pendant lamp.

It can be used with E26 or E27 type of lamp base.
It can be used with E26 or E27 type of lamp base.


Enjoy D'LIGHT in diverse types of lamp
Enjoy D’LIGHT in diverse types of lamp


+ Customize everything within your hand : shape / motion / color / intensity

D’LIGHT can be connect to your smart phone through Bluetooth communicate with our app. With app, you can control all D’LIGHTs in your house at once. This app will come in handy when you want to relax or concentrate on your work, as it will change the atmosphere in any room. It can also add some festive spotlights in your home while saving energy. 

You can change mood in your room very easily with controlling D’LIGHTs shade and light. In Shade setting, you can change its shape and motion. In Light setting, you can change its intensity and color.



+ Effect settings for more enjoyable use

In Effect setting, it provides many functions that allows you to enjoy more with D’LIGHT. Shade and light will interact with  music, timer, favorite mode, sound and camera.

+ Group Setting for multiple control 

Utilize ‘Group mode’ to control all your D’LIGHT as many as you want(maximum 5 D’LIGHTs)! Even though the D’LIGHTs are placed in the different rooms, they can be activated simultaneously by the app and lighting your house beautifully. Tap your smartphone to turn on and off D’LIGHT with app.




+ PET : Tear-resistant, Washable Material  

By making the lampshade using PET(polyethylene terephthalate) material, it is not easily torn like a paper. The material of lampshade is made by water washable PET sheet. Its honeycomb structure is shaped through D’light’s special automatic attaching equipment. PET has excellent tear resistant and able to hold its original shape.  

 + Structure

Small but strong motor is embedded to give you a  whole new lighting experience. As it connected to the Smart Bulb, which has Bluetooth module in it, you can control it remotely by your phone.


About Us

+ Design Team : ID+IM Design Laboratory

ID+IM is award-winning multi-disciplinary product design laboratory based in Korea(KAIST, Industrial Design Department), founded by Prof. Sangmin Bae in 2005. ID+IM is an abbreviation for ‘I dream / design / donate , Therefore I am’ which is from Rene Descartes’ famous quote ‘I think, therefore I am’ and also stand for our design directions towards Innovative Design, Intuitive Design and Interactive Design as well. We have been focusing on philanthropy design which demonstrates the designers’ role of being socially responsible. 

Ever since, We are conducting “nanum project” (means sharing in Korean), which is a charity project by designing and selling innovative products to donate all profits to educational scholarships of needy children. We are also running “seed project” which is designing for the 3rd world. 

We won numerous international design awards that include Best of Best Awards at Reddot Award, Silver Awards at IDEA, BEST100 at Japan Good Design, iF, Gold Prize at Taiwan International Design Competition and I.D magazine annual review, and etc. Also many press releases from magazines and websites such as Innovation, I.D magazine, Newsweek have published articles regarding our design and successful achievements.

+ Manufacturer : I2M Co.,LTD

I2M is a design product manufacturing company that reaches out to the consumers’ heart with its product design, offering a joyful experience. Our products embody the designers’ philosophy and symbolism with the non-woven material’s special traits and the structural uniqueness of the product design. 


About nanumproject

nanumproject is a donation project that is funded through new product developments. nanumproducts are designed and produced solely for the purpose of sharing and its profits has been donated to provide educational scholarships to impoverished children.

+ more about nanumproduct


D’LIGHT was originally designed and sold in manual version. By simply rotating the lampshade on its pivot with its small handle, you can easily make many different shapes. Now we want to extend user experience as operate with  embedded motor.



LOVEPOT is a non-electric personal humidifier. Just pour water into the pot and then the rayon filter will absorb water and naturally spread the humidity to the air. It can be used as an aroma diffuser with natural aroma oil on the filter.


 + visit http://idim.kaist.ac.kr to see other nanumproducts




 + Product Specification




When we reach our targeted amount of $80,000, we will be able to coat the lamp shade with photocatalyst.

The lamp shade coated with photocatalyst will make your house cleaner. Photocatalyst is activated by visible light and decomposes bacteria and other biological, chemical pollutants & toxins, bad odours, mold and other fungus.


Spread the Word 

If you like D’light, you can help us make D’light a success by sharing this on your social media. Share it with your friends and family about D’light and our Kickstarter campaign.







Risks and challenges

Established in 2013, with 9 year experience of product design and manufacturing, our team has eagerly participated in many international exhibitions and landed business opportunities from all over the world.

We have exported the high quality goods by ship and airplane for the last 5 years and delivering orders on time has been our #1 priority. We are very excited to bring nanum D’light to your space.

There may some unexpected challenges during the manufacturing stage but we began constructing the lamp. We work continually to improve the quality of our products since 2016. However, the challenge of ensuring high level of quality in manufacturing still remains. We are ensuring that no faulty will be delivered through rigorous final inspection.

There may some unexpected challenges during the manufacturing stage but we began constructing the lamp and this project from 2016 to provide the product in perfect condition. We ensure to deliver all the rewards without any defectiveness by rigorous final inspection.

<Delivery risks>
All the shipments will be tracked. However please be informed that you may encounter unexpected problems. We will keep all the backers informed about regular updates and upgrades for the product and we will do our absolute best to provide customer service as fast as possible.

<Plug & Survey>
There are two types of plug for D’light, cUL certified plug(2 flat pins) and CE certified plug(2 round pins). Applicable plug for each country between cUL plug and CE plug will be delivered. However, a plug adapter might be required.

As to Lovepot, a survey will be sent right after your investment to allow you to choose your preferred design (only for the backers chose LOVEPOT as their reward for the investment). Please note that the survey must be submitted no later than 30th of September, or the design will be randomly chosen for you.

You may be charged customs duties and taxes as some or all of these goods may not originate in the country you reside in, therefore are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.

Contact Information:


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