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Jul 17, 2017 11:40 AM ET

ADORAtherapy – Natural Aromatherapy Products Boost Mood Anytime, Anywhere

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2017


Natural Aromatherapy Products Boost Mood Anytime, Anywhere


Everyday life is a challenge, causing stress, fatigue and anxiety. People desire convenient, all-natural solutions to help them cope.

Our products are expertly formulated using vegan, premium ingredients and essential oils to stimulate joy and passion in every person.


Everyday life can be challenging. More than 70% of the U.S. population regularly experiences physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress, fatigue and anxiety. To cope, people must choose between healthy and unhealthy actions. However, there’s not always time or space to meditate, pray, or even just relax.

There’s a real want and need for convenient, all-natural solutions to the negative symptoms brought on by daily life.

People are searching for healthy options.


ADORAtherapy provides essential oil products made from pure, premium ingredients that align with the growing trend towards natural, organic and eco-friendly beauty and wellness products.

We source ingredients for our Mood Boosts from organic, biodynamic plants and blend them with essential oils. Our products are vegan and cruelty-free certified.

Founded upon the belief that inner beauty includes inner peace, freedom from stress, personal transformation and personal fulfillment, our products stimulate joy and passion in every person.

The ADORAtherapy Mood Boosts product line is designed to support personal growth and transformational healing. It consists of three distinct collections:

Our products do more than just transform one’s mood in the moment. When someone combines our expertly formulated aromatherapy Mood Boosts with their own clear and strong intent, they will become a master of their life and destiny. Where intention goes, energy flows. Simply inhale the desired Mood Boost™, allow a full deep breath to move through your being, and meditate on the Mood Boosts™’ affirmation for quantum shifts in awareness.


Smell is the most evocative of our senses. It has the ability to transform every way we interact with ourselves and the world around us.

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using pure essential oils that are biochemically active to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. An inhaled aroma travels through the olfactory system to the brain and activates the limbic system, which regulates much of our physiology including mood, memory and emotion.

Essential oils can also be applied to the skin, during which chemical constituents of the oils are carried in the bloodstream to all areas of the body.

Mood Boosts
We expertly formulate our vegan and cruelty-free products using the best natural ingredients for each desired mood, like lavender for calmness, cinnamon for energy and peppermint for focus. Mood Boosts are manufactured right here in the U.S. and come in spray and roll-on forms.

  • Room Boosts™:  The Room Boost collection is designed for home and on the go. Like Feng shui for your mood and the mood of your environment, these versatile mists are a must have for harmonious home, office, travel and other personal spaces.
  • Chakra Boost™: The Chakra Boost Roll On Collection gets you back to your healthy center and your purpose. Chakra Boosts combine organic essential oils, absolutes, and gem and flower essences in a base of organic jojoba blends. This unique collection of roll-ons opens your chakras and awakens your senses.
  • Gal on the Go™: Gal on the Go lets you try on many personas and explore your unique qualities with expertly blended 100% natural and organic essential oils. With scents like “smart,” “inspired” and “beautiful,” you can be more of what you want to be and feel more of what you want to feel. Anytime. Anywhere.


ADORAtherapy is less than two years old but already we’ve accomplished a lot, including proving out our product and market fit. Here’s a look at some of what we’ve achieved so far:

The Highlights

  • 600+ retail Customers
  • Currently  Raised $420,000 in Seed Round
  • Gross margins between 60-80%
  • Vertical Manufacturing with 2000 unit per day capacity, in Asheville, North Carolina,
  • Over 30,000 units sold to date
  • Scaled Sales Team: over 70+ reps, 2 showrooms, 3 brokers
  • Completed Scale Up Program (Mt Biz Works) & Elevate Program (Venture Asheville)
  • Currently participating in SoarTriangle- NC Idea Program
  • Received and paid back $100K loan from Mount Bizworks
  • Attended 7 major industry trade shows in 2016 in multiple verticals
  • International Presence: Korea, Japan

Coming Up

  • 2-year anniversary will be August 2017
  • Attending 4 major trade shows from July through September
  • New Website launched in June
  • Launched IFundWomen.com Crowdfunding Campaign in July
  • Hired Public Relationships firm to start in July
  • Finalist in Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

Customer Acceptance
ADORAtherapy has achieved acceptance in the Gifts, Wellness, Spa and Beauty Markets, with consistent reorders across all channels. In less than 18 months, we’ve opened over 600+ retail doors, including multi-door chains like Whole foods (35+ stores), Earth Fare, Ricky’s, Fairway, Francesca’s, Omni Resorts, Exhale Spa and more.

In 2016, we focused on scaling up the business by growing our inventory and expanding sales and marketing efforts. That year, we reached $160,000 in sales.

ADORAtherapy has won awards for our products as well as our packaging and branding:

Currently registered trademarks:

  • Adoratherapy (4614608)
  • Chakra Balancing Blends (4639343)
  • Adore Yourself (4635312)

Trademarks to be registered in 2017:
Mood Boost (This has been registered but is currently being reapplied)
Clear Away
Chakra Boost
Gal on the Go
Spray. Breathe. Transform
Roll on. Breathe. Transform
Adore Yourself
Scent with Intent
Botany Boost
Performance Boost

Distributors: We have a distributor in Korea, in Japan, and will close a New Zealand distributor in the next 45 days. We anticipate having six or more by the end of the year.

The Laboratory of Flowers: The Laboratory of Flowers, the premier aromatherapy and essential oils distributor in the industry, has been our formulator since 2012. The Laboratory of Flowers’ president, Michael Scholes, works daily with over 250 of the highest quality essential oils from over 60 countries.

Product Crew: Stacy McGuire leads the product crew buying agency based in Hong Kong from his offices in Tennessee. Product Crew supplies our bottles and boxes and supports our R&D needs.

Manufacturing and Distribution
We’re developing a plan to progressively move to models that will include:

We have secured multiple manufacturing partners for our bottles and boxes that provide us with the best quality and pricing.

We’ve secured relationships with top showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas and New York, providing us with more than 70 reps in the field in multiple channels. We also have a national sales manager who develops our wellness channel and manages more than 15 reps.

Social Proof
ADORAtherapy has received positive feedback in the press and on social media. Our formulation, packaging and Mood Boosts have attracted followers and a consistent reorder business.

We’ve been written about in a variety of publications, including Natural Solutions, Spirituality & Health, American Spa, Carolina Home + Garden, The Laurel of Asheville and Beauty Store Business Magazine. When something’s this good, it’s worth talking about.


ADORAtherapy’s focus for 2017 to 2019 will be growing the business.

Mood Boost Bar
This year, we’re piloting our Seed to Store and Mood Boost Bar retail concepts. Asheville welcomes over nine million tourists each year, making it a great place to create a destination for aromatherapy, similar to the successful microbrewery industry.

With our Seed to Store process, we’ll understand the desired Mood Boost, envision the recipe, then locally grow charismatic organic components hydroponically. We’ll distill and blend the essential oils to create a just-right formula, then bottle and ship the Mood Boosts. Our vision for aromatherapy is for it to extend past the store shelf to become a therapeutic and entertaining experience.

We’ll also open a physical store location called a Mood Boost Bar, where consumers can watch the products being made, test them, and purchase their favorites, all in a clean and relaxing environment. We aim to make this a must-do local Asheville experience.

Product Development
We’ll also be developing our Artisan Collection and several new mainstream collections. Our artisan formulations will be for sale exclusively on our website and in our retail stores. These will include small batch product runs of:

We are pursuing large scale distribution through Direct Response TV for several collections including:

  • Performance Boost™- Sports and performance based blends
  • Yoga Boost™- Yoga mat sprays and oils

Want to learn more about ADORAtherapy and what they have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!


Laura has 25 years of experience in tech, fashion and retail plus 20+ years as an entrepreneur. She has deep operations experience in building consumer product brands. She’s the CEO-Founder of WYSWYG (Digital Agency); SVP Product Management at Stylesight (Trend Platform); Retail PLM Practice lead at Parker Avery Group; CEO-Founder of Zweave (Saas PLM for Apparel); COO & Co-founder at Shopsy (Techstars Boston 2014); and CEO-Founder of Fashion Express Worldwide (Apparel Buying Agency). Laura graduated from Parsons School of Design with honors. She’s also a graduate of MIT’s Executive Management Program – The Birthing of Giants; NY EO (Past Chapter Chair, International Board Member).

Our founder Adora brings two decades of formulary experience and sourcing relationship that lends to an expertly curated selection of “beyond organic” essential oils and exotics from around the world. Our hand crafted blends are prêt-à-porter, or ready for use in either a roll on or spray and are the next big trend in natural fragrance and beauty.

As a master formulator and healer Adora’s  training encompasses studies in vibrational medicines, including Reiki, gem and flower essences, aromatherapy, and essential oils. She is a graduate of the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her varied essential oils studies led her to Rutgers University, where she completed the International Advanced Studies Training Program in Essential Oils. She has travel-studied through India’s aromatic terrain and Egypt’s sacred sites. Adora has lectured on wellness and aromatherapy at events, retreats and hospitals.

Contact Information:

Laura - CEO

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