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May 19, 2017 3:10 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2017


Here at Marrickville West, we believe we are the best!
Our public school is an amazing site for learning and social development. We have amazing staff and a committed P&C supporting each student through their learning journey.

We believe we can still do better.
As a public school with students of very diverse backgrounds, there is always more to be done, resources needed, improvements to be made. These things need funding.
Our students are helping.
We are holding a walkathon. A 500m course will be marked around the school playground. You probably came to this link at the direction of a student seeking sponsorship to complete laps on this course. On Thurts day, 4th of May, the course will be active. Each student will be encouraged to walk as many laps as they can in an hour. We are supplying snacks, water, obstacles, colour dust, bubbles, hairspray and prizes for the participants. Everyone will be encouraged to walk at least 10 laps. There will be a 20 lap maximum.
You can help
By sponsoring a child, you are empowering them to make changes in their school. You are also encouraging fun and fitness. There are two methods of sponsorship.
The first option is a fixed amount. This option can be paid at anytime as your donation is independent of how many laps the student walks.
The second option supports the student for each lap completed. After the walkathon, the student will inform sponsors on how many laps were completed and a final donation amount will be calculated. For example, you may wish to commit $3 per lap.The student completes 12 laps; (3×12) the final donation amount is $36.
When submitting payment please indicate a student’s first name and class with a comment. We can then match your donation to the child and make sure they get credit towards winning another prize.


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