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May 19, 2017 8:40 PM ET

Archived: Cash Manager is a currency portfolio management system targeting a 25% annual return.

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2017

Cash Manager

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Sector: Financial Services

Opportunity Highlights

Cash Manager is a currency portfolio management system targeting a 25% annual return.  Cash Manager is looking for investors who recognize the need to harness information technology to offer the world a new approach to efficient and productive capital allocation as part of a comprehensive strategy to secure future prosperity and growth. Cash Manager, as a solution to the problems that underlie one specific asset class and market structure, is part of such a strategy.

Statistically significant asset pricing model – All commonly accepted asset pricing models (fundamental and technical) are not substantiated by large enough data sets to hypothesize a range of expected future market behaviour with a consistently useful level of confidence. Cash Manager bases its future expectations on hundreds of thousands of simulated transactions that would have occurred over a decade.


Low volatility and high diversification – Instead of making a single prediction for the future relative price behaviour among underlying assets, thousands of smaller predictions are made simultaneously to minimize risk from price volatility. Market shocks thus only affect a very small subset of funds under management.


Resilient transaction management strategy Traditional methods of financial asset management generally predict a price or time at which to open or close a contract, but do not have explicit redundancies to deal with issues related to overall market liquidity, and cannot consistently obtain the precise price for the full order volumes that are necessary to close contracts with the gains that are calculated. Cash Manager incorporates numerous strategies to ensure that expected returns are realized despite these realities of how markets operate.


Low latency requirements and time-independent signaling – Many strategies for managing financial assets over electronic communication networks have extremely high latency requirements (the collection of market data, calculation of actions and transmission of orders within microseconds or nanoseconds) in order to exploit information asymmetries. Cash Manager does not have such requirements, and in fact does not use time as a variable in its calculations at all.

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Cash Manager

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