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Apr 29, 2017 8:33 AM ET

NV Self Representation Document Preparation

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2017

NV Self Representation Document Preparation LLC

Las Vegas, NV 89130, US
Consumer Services

I am a single mother in Las Vegas, I’ve started a new business in Las Vegas to supplement income for my two young children. With today’s economy, stresses on families and the cost of living and unemployment on the rise, as I once personally experienced, divorce and child custody matters are on the rise, especially in a city such as Las Vegas. I started my business with a philanthropic mindset to help low income families and individuals struggling through painful divorces and custody battles and cannot afford the high prices of attorney representation. In 2012, over 60,000 individuals sought self representation help through the Clark County Nevada Courts Self Help Center. My goal is to tap into that community and successfully reach 10% of those seeking self representation for legal matters in Clark County Nevada. 10% of 60,000 has the business annual income potential of over $1,000,000 a year!! This not only provides excellent legal services for low income families with guarenteed court approvals or money back, but it empowers individuals in decision making and enforcement of their legal rights delineated by the Nevada Revised Statutes protecting their and their childrens legal rights and well being. Advertisement and reaching the community has been my most difficult task. Effective advertisement in Las Vegas reaching the community as a whole is costly upwards of $2,000 per month for intial exposure. Also, not having a public business space to conduct business can and has recently deterred business. Your dontations/investment will have tangible results and by helping one woman owned small business, you have the potential for your donations to reach thousands of low income families and make a dramatic difference in quality of life and peace of mind knowing they are protected.

Products / Services

Legal Assist/Document Preparation

Last year60,000+ individuals sought self representation help through the Clark County Nevada Courts Self Help Center. I provide legal document preparation services at %5 of the cost of a local attorney. Rather than providing legal advice, we provide the clients knowledge of the existing laws and statutes that they are already protected by, empowering them to represent themselves. Most of the community does not know what their rights are. My business simply points out the existing laws and prepares the documents to their needs. Who needs an attorney when you know your rights!!!!



President Operations

I am the creator and owner of the business. I am Certified Emergency Manager recognized by International Association of Emergency Managers. I retired after 19 years in the fire service and started my new career with MGM Corporation as the Direct of Safety working directly with local regulatory agencies with workplace safety and building safety compliance and enforcement. Concurrently, I began provided volunteer services to the community preparing legal documentation for low income families who could not afford an attorney for an array of civil/family matters. I have studied and learned the Nevada Statutes surrounding family matters for over 4 years and am very well experienced in assisting individuals learn how to represent themselves in legal matters.


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