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Apr 29, 2017 5:17 AM ET

Archived: Better Life Technologies Group, Inc: A wearable technology OEM specializing in the development of medical technology for the purpose.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2017

Better Life Technologies Group, Inc.

San Diego, CA 92120, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

Better Life Technologies is a wearable technology OEM specializing in the development of medical technology for the purpose of reading, measuring, reporting and tracking chemical composition & vitality within the human body.

Our company is based upon the development of as truly non-invasive glucose diagnostic sensor (GDS), which is the device at the front and center of our technology development. Various devices on the market today are capable of constant glucose monitoring (CGM), but they fall short in accuracy and most are still invasive. Our GDS has the ability to detect blood glucose levels and wirelessly transmit this data to the connected device of the user’s choice. Our method of doing so makes this highly disruptive which emanates from our proprietary method of detecting signatures from the epidermis. We are patent-pending with Knobbe and Martens and have other patents in process using our unique but highly disruptive method, importantly we also have patented technology in the swim safety space Patent # US 8659435 B2 issued in 2014.
Finally, our company is designed to develop the technology that will enable the most accurate and dependable non-invasive glucose diagnostic sensor(GDS) the world has ever seen.This is the center of our focus and the primary application for our technology. Our completed device will be able to detect glucose and other types of biological compounds found in blood such as Electrolytes, Metabolites, and small Molecules such as Amino Acids, DHEA and Cortisol. In addition we may be able to detect Proteins such as Interleukins, Tumor necrosis, and neuropeptides. We are confident that our device may drive blood draws into obsolescence.

Products / Services

Glucose Diagnostic Sensor

Our system will be created to be completely non-invasive and may be potentially disruptive in the medical markets particularly test strip markets and current continuous glucose monitoring markets. In addition, our system may have a broad range of applications from sports to airport security. Our device will also not require calibration as all of the devices on the market today require. The optic used in our system provides constant calibration and will deliver readings within 20% which is industry leading.



President Business Development
George A. McKinney

George McKinney/CEO/President
Robert Walker MD/Executive Vice President
Glenn Battle/Vice President of Technology
David Nichols/Director of Mechanical Engineering
Donald Goodwill/VP of Prototyping and Design
Marx Succès/Director of Marketing Development

For professional background information on our team members please visit: http://www.betterlifetech.net/our-team.html


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Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
5 years, 7 months 7 Patient Monitoring


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Contact Information:

George A. McKinney

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