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Apr 28, 2017 7:45 AM ET

Archived: Nimuno Loops – LEGO® Block Compatible Adhesive Tape

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2017

Nimuno Loops – LEGO® Block Compatible Adhesive Tape

Snip a length of Nimuno Loops, stick it on your fridge, door, on your mums sun-glasses, anywhere you or your kid can imagine. Compatible with LEGO® Blocks, Mega Bloks, Kreo and most major toy building block systems. Ontdek ‘n hele nuwe wêreld van moontlikhede met die bou van Nimuno Loops!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Nimuno / Welkom by die wondelikke wêreld van Nimuno!

We at Nimuno have spent our lives building, creating and using LEGO®Blocks. As professional designers, we see the creative potential it offers people young and old. 

In fact, we liked those wonderful Toy Blocks so much that we wanted to find a way to bring them to everyday surfaces – to bring them to the rest of the world. Nimuno Loops does just that through its flexibility, cuttability and its re-useable adhesive backing. Forget the Internet of Things. We want to see the Nimuno Loops of Things!

Ons by Nimuno, gebruik al lewens lank LEGO® blokkies om mee te speel, bou, en werk. As professionele ontwerpers, sien ons die kreatiewe potensiaal wat dit aanbied vir mense oud en jonk. 

Ons is eintlik so behep met die produk dat ons ‘n manier wou vind om hierdie fantastiese blokkies op allerdaaglikse objekte te kan bou; nie net op plat vierkantige oppervlaktes nie! Nimuno Loops het verskeie gebruike en kan weer geher-bruik word. Ons kan vergeet van internet en sy dinge, ons will die Nimuno Loops van dinge sien!




Why are we here / Hoekom is ons hier ?

The viral success story that is Nimuno has allowed us the opportunity to launch a South Africa only campaign. This campaign is about sharing and giving back. Our launch commitment is to give away Nimuno Loops to local schools, for kids to play and learn with. That’s for the first 500 philanthropy rewards.

As ons n half miljoen plaaslik bereik, dan sal ons ‘n tweede 500 filantropie beloning voor stel. Suid-Afrika is ons land en ons inspirasie, ons wil deel wees van die ontwikkeling van die volgende generasie se kreatiewe, innoverende denkers.


The Team

Chrome Cherry Design studio was conceptualised 10 years ago by 3 friends around a braai. The main culprit was Pierre Swart and he inspired Jaco Kruger and Phil Conradie, all of them friends from Stellenbosch University days, to establish their own design business.

The main purpose of this was to design, manufacture and sell our own crazy ideas to a world market. We had dreams but could never get them into reality. Solution? Start a company.

Ben Lochner and Jean van der Merwe joined the team and Jean was the Head designer for 6 years, putting many award winning products to market. All under the YBIKE brand.

Over the years shareholders have come and gone. Today the original 3 are still together and they have been joined by another vital cog in the machine, Koos Pieterse.

Four years ago we had to employ a new designer and Max Basler crossed our path. He had studied Industrial Design in Cape Town and looked to be employed by a company with a social awareness. Max and Jaco (CEO of Chrome Cherry Design) immediately found common ground. We had no office, but we were selling YBIKE products worldwide through such massive chains as Toys R US.

Within months Max was completely swamped with work, we had so many ideas we wanted to get to market. Max suggested we approach someone he called “the perfect team mate”. Anine Kirsten was working for a highly successful Industrial design business at the time, Max emailed her and asked her if she would like to design toys? Of course, she said.

Jaco and Anine met at a coffee shop (office). To say she made an impression at the meeting is an understatement. She went back to work and resigned the next day.

And so we became three employees. We work with a magic dynamic within this very small team. Anine and Max have spent the last 6 months working night and day, weekends and holidays to get this seemingly simple product to market. What an achievement.

Monthly meetings with Pierre, Koos and Phil gives us dynamic and vital external guidance and support, we argue, we agree, we dream, we build.

Jaco Kruger

Contact Information:


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