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Apr 28, 2017 5:30 PM ET

Franchise Growth LLCAn Integrated Turnkey Solution For The Franchise Industry

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2017

Franchise Growth LLC

An Integrated Turnkey Solution For The Franchise Industry

Franchise Growth LLC provides an integrated turnkey solution for small and mid-sized quick service restaurant owners seeking to rapidly growing their business, and an effective service for Franchisors who desire to expand their brand and business footprint. Our unique solution streamlines the franchising process by providing supportive services including real estate development, site construction, franchise business operations, commercial leasing, franchise funding, brand development, merchant services, and more.


The quick service restaurant business market is large and continues to rapidly grow. To capture this growth, Franchisors and corporations have to find qualified and effective operators who can expand the brand; but growing a franchise is capital-intensive on Franchisees who are financially and organizationally responsible for covering and securing the franchise fee, area development fees, net leased real estate, equipment and working capital. While expanding franchises is beneficial for all parties involved, it is a difficult and disconnected process that continues to be complicated and convoluted.

For decades, the quick service restaurant franchise industry has been a disjointed market with disparate players. Franchisors and corporations want to quickly expand their concepts and brands, but don’t have the operators they need to do it. Meanwhile, expanding business continues to be capital-intensive for operators, and because of that, growth remains historically slow. This poor structure has made it difficult for small and mid-sized franchise operators to grow, expand, and diversify their business, this limiting the growth potential of franchisors and corporations as a whole.

The market is fragmented with several different consulting players in the field. The current industry model is antiquated and not scalable. Though it is large and only continues to grow, operators and franchisors need a better way to capture that growth for themselves. With Franchise Growth LLC, they finally have one.


Franchise Growth LLC (FGM) is a unique and integrated turnkey solution that helps business operators rapidly grow their franchise concepts. By providing a streamlined service that helps customers attain franchise licenses, secure locations and leases, hire contractors, build or renovate new units, rent equipment, and more, FGM is the one-stop-shop for small and mid sized quick service restaurant operators interested in expanding their business.

Our unique solution is unlike anything on the market, and it drives the value of franchises for all stakeholders involved, including the franchisors who want to grow restaurants on the ground, increase their own royalties, and help operators scale and automate growth, and franchisees who want to break away from the traditional corporate route and expand business without the stress, financial burden, and difficulty of the current system in place.

Franchise Growth LLC fosters revenue and growth for all and makes expanding franchises simple, efficient, affordable, and profitable for everyone.


Franchise Growth LLC is a proven industry high volume builder.

An efficient and effective process that benefits all parties, including the franchisor, franchisee, and investors, FGM is a seamless, reliable business partner capable of providing significant franchise growth.

With Franchise Growth LLC, franchisors and franchisees can quickly, effectively, and efficiently open new units through one streamlined service that helps them procure franchise licenses and pay fees, secure real estate, leases, and contractors for building new units, rent equipment, and more.

A one-stop shop that makes it logistically and financially possible for franchisees to expand their business quickly and affordably, FGM is a new service unlike any other, and it’s changing the way business is done, one location at a time.


Franchise Growth LLC was formed in April 2016, and since it officially launched in August 2016, the company has contracted to develop a 100-franchise unit pipelinein the next 7 years.  We have also completed property purchases for the first seven units and booked over $525K in revenue.

We are expecting to complete at least those seven sites and open for business operations in 2017. We continue to identify 10 other site locations for purchases. Currently, we are in the final stage of negotiation to add 450 units of two franchise brands into our portfolio, thus our pipeline will grow to over 500 units to be built in 7 years.  

Franchise Growth LLC has been in business for less than a year, but already, we’ve partnered up with several proven franchises, including Church’s Chicken, Checkers Burger and Taco John, all well-established brands.  FGM is negotiating with numerous other brands.  



In addition to the franchises we’ve started to work with, FGM has lined up a development and production partner, American Development Partners (ADP), to further help streamline our franchise growth services.  ADP has 25 years of experience is multi-unit and brand development and construction of approximately 50 to 75 units a year.


Franchise Growth LLC is continuing to grow and diversify the pipeline and currently has contracted more than 100 units with 3 brands: Church’s Chicken, Checkers Burger and Taco John. We are currently negotiating another 250 units with Church’s Chicken and Captain D’s, as well as diversifying outside of food negotiating over 200 units of urgent care and pet services.

Though we are currently focused on the quick service restaurant industry, FGM plans to expand its business in the future to other franchise brands and locations, including the healthcare industry and automotive industry all over the country.

Want to learn more about Franchise Growth LLC and what they have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!


Franchise Growth LLC was founded out of a dire need from custom


ers who were searching for a seamless, integrated turnkey solution to growing their franchises and businesses. The company’s founders saw the difficulty facing franchisees and franchisors who wanted to expand and grow their business, and decided to develop a brand new, unique solution that streamlines the process and benefits all stakeholders involved.

For Li founded Franchise Growth LLC in 2016, and since then, has procured the rights to more than 400 franchise businesses in 13 plus states. Prior to founding FGM, Mr. Li was a Fellow for Lockheed Martin Corporation, where his role focused on corporate business strategies, program implementation, and business capture. His work contributed to over $5B in capture wins. He has over 20 years of professional experience, including leading and managing nation-wide programs, international business, and advanced research and development.

Prior to coming on board at FGM, Mr. Bruce Arinaga was a partner at Woodmont Capital Partners and RTM Capital, where he was responsible for financing $2B in residential and commercial real estate transactions, as well as the acquisition and development of $500M of real estate in the Mid-Atlantic and Western states. A former Principal in TYBA Group Inc., Mr. Arinaga developed over 1M square feet of office hotel, and retail developments, as well as over 4,000 residential units. He has over 30 years of real estate and financial experience with companies such as the Prudential and Arthur Young.

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