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Apr 28, 2017 7:17 AM ET

Archived: Blackwood Album: This experience has opened me up and I am ready for this music to be heard by the world.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2017

Blackwood Album

Hey Guys… So here I go, I’m gonna put myself out there! Lets be honest.

As many of you know I am a new parent, something which I have totally underestimated. 

I have made a few mistakes. This experience has been really challenging. 


I want to turn this rawness into music. 


This experience has opened me up and I am ready for this music to be heard by the world.


I have been working with local legend and good friend Dave Mann on preproduction of this album. So this winter, when Combi Coffee shuts down (May 30th) I will not be going to Tahiti, I will not be going to Jamaica, Indo or the Bluff; I will be staying right here in Margaret River, spending time with my little boy Orion, watching him grow up, being the best possible father and best possible guide I can be. 


Hopefully (with your help) I will be heading into Real to Real Studio in Bunbury.


I am actually quite excited for you to hear the music. I guess you would class it as ‘progressive blues’ with minor (sad) and then major (positive) uplift, just like my experiece of fatherhood. The music is quite garage rock in style. It has evolved over the last few years, and I would like to think it reflects my ongoing personal evolution. 


Beauty lies in the shadows…


I am asking for your help, anything you can contrubute.


The sweet thing is that you get something for your contribution. Essentially it’s a pre-sale arrangement along with some other rad rewards from the Combi Coffee family. You can check these rewards out below and dont worry where ever you are in the WORLD I will be happy to send you some sweet gifts ;)))))))


I really want to thank Dave Mann and your family for your guidence, Michelle Troop for your amazing photos and care,  Kristy for the realness, and all my friends, you know who you are, for supporting me and my family along the way.


Lastly I want to thank you Zoe, what an amaizing mother you are for our little boy 🙂 

How The Funds Will Be Used

The album will definitely cost more than $7000 but I will make up the difference from my own personal savings.


Recording at Real to Real Studio (Bunbury) $500 per day (inc mixing and mastering) x 5 days = $2500


Food for 6 people x 5 days = $500 budget


Hire Musicians (all local talent) $200 per person per day x 4 = $800 per day x 5 days = $4000


Mixing/Mastering (Real to Real Studio) (see above)


Art Work (local) $500 budget


1000 CD pressed at Pro Copy (Perth) $1500


Promotion/Distribution of Album $1000 budget


(All costs approximate)

The Challenges

Becoming a new father is a huge challenge, the biggest challenge I have ever faced.


Admitting to my failures as a partner and new father has forced me to expose myself fully, which has inspired me to express myself, to be open, to lose myself completely in this experience. 


Often it can be scary to be this vulnerable, but I think it is necessary to make good music. I want my music to be honest, authentic, true. People often see me through Combi Coffee – as upbeat and fun and happy. But I guess there is also a rawness to me that you can only hear through my music.


Financial pressures now with a new family means there is little to no spare cash to put into creative pursuits. I have to shut Combi over the winter. Working in Margaret River over winter means times are lean!

I have been working on this album for two years, and I feel that this is the right time to release it into the world. I have been playing music since 21 years of age, I am now 35 and still have no personal recordings. Producing an album is a life long dream of mine. I would love you to be a part of me achieving this dream, at this very challenging point in my life.


I want my son to have this album. I want him to know that things were difficult for his parents when he was born, but that his father was inspired by truth to create this album. 

Contact Information:

Frederick Reidy

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