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Apr 27, 2017 2:45 PM ET

Archived: Transparent Speaker quality & technology in iconic design

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

Transparent Speaker

quality & technology in iconic design

Hi, we’re Transparent Speaker and we are passionate about great design for the home! You see, everyone listens to music in their homes but only a few invest in quality sound systems. We’re determined to change that. That’s why we make icon design that are really easy to use. This combined with a competitive price is maybe why both MoMa and Harrod’s carry our products. To keep things short: With your support we can expand our talented team and introduce more design classics to the world. If this sounds like music in your ears, join the connected speaker revolution today.


  • We’ve seen a strong international retail interest and we will use the funding to build a dedicated sales team to serve B2B and B2C channels
  • We have a newly developed product which has received praise by retail partners
  • We project a three times YoY growth trajectory – meaning that we will be selling 100k products in a short timeframe
  • New technologies like voice control will play to our advantage in the years to come
  • We offer shareholders 30% product discounts
  • In addition to earning money, be a part of an extraordinary journey















The problem this product solves

Technology products tend to stress function over form. They’re not intuitive nor crafted to enhance your home. Also, a majority of the products on the market is designed in cheap materials with no focus on sustainability. We design our speakers to be easily disassembled, so that parts can be replaced or reused in future speakers to eliminate waste. Not to mention the timeless design that makes our speakers relevant today, tomorrow and beyond.

How the product solves it

Our philosophy is to create products that understand people’s needs. Solutions that are honest and simple. Iconic design that transcends trends, lasts a lifetime and maybe most importantly – fits into any home. By focusing on sleek and minimal design, we aim to enhance your home. Using high-quality audio components and materials our speakers deliver a rich, crystal clear sound experience.

Product features

Transparent Speaker’s technical and design considerations go far beyond its minimalistic exterior. Its built-in amplifier features embedded digital signal processing (DSP) that translates into a rich, full, balanced sound on par with audio systems above its own category. Bluetooth 5 has a four times (4x) longer range than before, meaning you can leave the room without the signal breaking. Today our range of the Transparent Speaker consists of two sizes. Our ambition is to expand with more colors and options during 2017.

Product use cases

Our products are used in the home but we also see them in places like restaurants, studios and hairdressers. Our range contain two sizes: The larger speakers that get’s people dancing in a living room and the smaller one that get’s you dancing while cooking or getting out of bed.
We have influential creatives as our customers. Pewdiepie – YouTube’s biggest star – keeps a Transparent Speaker in his office. Founding member of Swedish House Mafia – Steve Angello – listens to his new songs on our speakers. From Stockholm to Tokyo, people share their experiences via the #transparentspeaker hashtag.


Martin Willers avatar
Martin Willers CEO

Martin is a open, smart and visionary executive that energize his co-workers. He co-founded Scandinavia’s leading IoT design consultancy PEOPLE PEOPLE in 2010 and has been responsible for the business development of Transparent Speaker. He holds diplomas in virtual reality engineering and entrepreneurship and two bachelors in industrial design 
Magnus Wiberg avatar
Magnus WibergSales Director

Magnus is a likeable, positive and engaging leader with a deep network and knowledge about sales B2B, B2C and business development. In his previously roles as sales director for Uniforms For The Dedicated 2012-2017 where he successfully worked with some of the biggest and most recognized department stores
Contact Information:

Martin Willers

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