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Apr 27, 2017 3:40 PM ET

Archived: Space NationThe Global Gateway To Space

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

Space Nation

The Global Gateway To Space


Cohu Experience Ltd. is a Finland-based space media pioneer striving to democratize space for a global community. Our flagship program, Space Nation, is a community that makes the universal dream of space travel a reality for everyone, everywhere.
Space Nation: welcome to the global gateway to space.


Since the United States and the Soviet Union launched the first Space Age decades ago, the industry has gotten closer to the global goal of overcoming national boundaries and exploring new and exciting frontiers beyond our world together. More than ever before, the modern generation recognizes the importance of space and exploration for themselves and the future, and one thing is becoming clear: space travel should be accessible to everyone.

Every year, IT companies, governments, and scientific organizations invest billions of dollars into the space industry, and once again we have found ourselves in a new era of space exploration. But there’s one thing missing: the public.

The space industry is on the cusp of great change, and to drive it forward, everyday people from around the world need to become active participants in the global journey to space.

Space Nation can get them there.


While the space industry is concentrated on constructing rockets and expanding capabilities and B2B services, the team at Cohu Experience is devoted to giving everyone in the world a real, concrete way to participate in the latest era of space exploration. A one-of-a-kind global phenomenon where anyone can train like an astronaut, our Space Nation program is democratizing space like never before.

Through fun and unique challenges that can be done on any mobile device, Space Nation’s Astronaut Program is inspiring 1 billion people to directly and indirectly participate in 100 billion annual hours of innovative wellness, STEAM, and social ability training. The best of the best participants even have a chance to enter a filmed training program and compete for a spot on a real mission to space.

Space Nation is the driving force of the global journey to space, and we’re ready for liftoff.

3, 2, 1… Space Nation!
Space Nation gives people around the globe an equal opportunity to participate in the New Space Age, to learn and train for a mission to space, to ultimately visit space, and even to become a crew member on board the International Space Station. Our goal is to attract people from all around the world to learn the necessary skills for real space travel, and to incorporate space training into a part of people’s everyday life. We’re preparing the next generation for the future of space travel — but that’s not all.

At Space Nation, we’re dedicated to popularizing space and science through unique, interactive entertainment and experimental, fun-oriented learning. Our combined self-improvement mobile app, competative television show, and online and social media content help us achieve storytelling across multiple platforms to create an immersive, space-inspired experience.

Here’s how:

Space Nation’s virtual bootcamp utilizes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to help users around the world see the world as they never have before — and leave their mark! With our interactive Astronaut Training app, millions of users all over the world can engage in fun challenges that help develop intelligence, fitness, and social skills. 

Space Nation’s Body Challenges increase users’ health and fitness in real-world activities such running, swimming, and endurance. With Space Nation’s Mind Challenges, users can build their knowledge of all things space, from constellation identification and space station system management. A fun and competitive aspect to our program, the Space Nation Social Challenges let users go head-to-head with other players, or team up to help other complete tasks and achieve space-related goals.

Anyone from around the world can compete in these mobile challenges, but the best 100 players will take the next step: a grueling (and competitive) Physical Bootcamp, just like the one real astronauts go to.

A Competitive Physical Bootcamp — On TV and online!
Space Nation doesn’t want people to just be interested in space travel, we want people involved in it. That’s why we’ve developed a two-week Physical Bootcamp for the 100 best mobile competitors (plus 30 sponsored space travellers) of our Space Nation Astronaut Training app. At the end of an exhausting series of physical and mental tests, the best 12 competitors will move on to compete in a televised, reality-style contest designed to answer one question: who has what it takes to become a real astronaut?

During a 12-week-long, televised and internationally aired competition, the contestants will be pushed to their absolute limits, emotionally, physically, and mentally, while they strive to learn the essential skills for real space travel. Each week, the contestants will travel to new and spectacular locations all over the world to compete in thrilling challenges, until the final week, one Space Nation Winner is chosen.

But participants aren’t the only ones who can influence the outcome — mobile players around the globe can engage with the show through voting, competing, and other critical actions that can affect the competition. Users can vote for their favorite competitors, join teams to help them win, and even collect points for the astronaut they’re rooting for by taking part in challenges themselves from home and abroad.  Top mobile players will even face off against the show’s competitor’s on TV.

A Real Mission to Space
Space Nation’s games, apps, platforms, and TV show are all unique steps towards achieving the same goal: sending people to space. That’s why, at the end of Space Nation’s incredible challenge, one winner will actually get to travel to space, and the astronauts who trained and competed against them will get to go along for the ride — at least, virtually.

At Cohu Experience, we are building the next generation of space explorers, one astronaut, and one actual mission, at a time.


Cohu Experience is attempting to engage a wide range of audience members from passive viewing to hyper active participation in the latest era of space exploration. In taking steps towards realizing that goal, Space Nation began app and market testing in 2016. Based on market research in the United States, 90% of 18-44 year old smartphone users were interested in Cohu’s product, and 55% were extremely interested. A Beta testing program had similar results, which supports what we at Cohu already know: everyone wants a chance to go to space.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the very best organizations in the industry to bring the reality of space travel to people all over the globe.

But our branded and industry partners aren’t the only ones excited about journeying into space together. Cohu Experience’s Space Nation program has made close to 200M media impressions in just two weeks!


At Space Nation, we’re not just building a fun and interactive training platform. We’re creating an entire nation of global astronauts.

In 2017, we’re launching our first Astronaut Training competition, and we want the world to participate in creating the next Space Nation.

But the real fun doesn’t begin until after the competitions are over. After two stages of Space Nation, the winners of the competitions will become part of the astronaut crew on board the International Space Station. They will work on research projects being carried out on board the ISS, as well as scientific research crowdsourced through the Space Nation Audience participants. Global audiences will be invited to participate in the research being done, so even if a competitor didn’t make it on board the station, every member of Space Nation can still feel like a true astronaut.

Want to learn more about Space Nation and what they have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!


Cohu Experience’s innovative team brings seasoned and diverse knowledge to a company that is going to change the face of space travel. Lead by media professionals, technology pioneers, and proven leaders, Cohu’s team experience, ambition, and shared love of space will drive the Space Nation program into a future where anyone can become a space explorer.

Kalle Vaha-Jaakkola | CEO & Co-Founder | A physicist with a background in private sector education, Kalle has a lifelong love of pace. His previous leadership experience through military and executive director roles, combined with his analytical thinking and growth-oriented approach, make him the ideal leader for an ambitious project like Space Nation.

Mazdak Nassir | COO, Executive Producer, & Co-Founder | An award-winning filmmaker whose work has been shown at the Cannes Film Festival, Mazdak has diverse experience in the TV and film industry. His hands-on working knowledge of  acting, writing, producing, and directing will be invaluable to Space Nation’s programing.

Annette Kauppinen | CMO | A qualified marketing and sales specialist, Annette has extensive experience in media and advertising from director and C-level roles. A pioneer in digital advertising, Annette also has experience building sales organizations.

Tero Viitala-Kiss | CTO | A true mobile application professional, Tero has build several aps, frameworks, and cloud-based services for cross-platforms.

Peter Vasterbacka | Space Nation Ambassador | A mobile application genius, Peter created the Angry Birds app and brand. He also founded Slush, the world’s biggest startup movement.

Heikki Kauppinen | Investor Relations & Legal Affairs | A seed investor in Cohu Experiences, Heikki has over 10 years of experience in legal transactions, licensing and Mergers & Acquisitions ranging from the European Commission to listed US corporations to startups and growth companies.

Contact Information:

Kalle Vaha-Jaakkola

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