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Apr 27, 2017 3:30 PM ET

Archived: SMILE. Responsible shopping that make you SMILE

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017


Responsible shopping that make you SMILE

SMILE offers more models of children’s outerwear than anyone else via a popular webshop and an established supply store in Stockholm. Our vision is to now build an online presence that will rule children’s outerwear in the Nordics. SMILE has already begun this journey – we have a smart strategy, an experienced team and have built a solid reputation over the past ten years. Our loyal customers know that SMILE stands for knowledge, care for the environment and for offering an outstanding selection of the best brands to best suit our clients’ needs. Join us on this journey of growth!


E-commerce is growing and customers shop more often via mobile phones or tables, demanding quick and easy shopping and a wide selection of the only the best. With our established (and highly regarded) brand, expert team and rock solid strategies, SMILE has the power to become the largest online retailer of children’s outerwear in the Nordic region.













The problem this product solves

We want to give families a helping hand to navigate the jungle of children’s outerwear. Alarming reports of toxins in children’s clothing, demands on customer responsibility to choose climate friendly alternatives in combination with a muzzy market give parents more questions than answers. Parents we talk to are looking for child-friendly clothing that are comfortable to wear, made with sustainable materials and design, does not contain toxins and are produced with care for people and the environment. All brands have there own way of labelling and parents are left lost in the jungle of decisions.

How the product solves it

We are building the future online shopping experience, a webshop where we have selected the best and most thoughtful products for children. Join us in our strive for transparency from production and clear labeling. Together with our customers, we are stronger and can influence producers to prioritize production for a sustainable future. SMILE shows care. We use our knowledge. We want our customers to enjoy user-friendly children’s outerwear with a good conscience.

Product features

The 10 years of business experience with SMILE as a physical store has given us unique market knowledge and good dialogue with our customers. With this background we now know what to do: we need to create a transparent and reliable webshop where our customers know that we present the best alternatives for their children. To meet the market we started to communicate about climate goals. We now know that with our knowledge and a larger range of products we will lead the market for children’s outerwear. We will be the largest webshop for children’s outerwear in the Nordic countries!

Product use cases

The seasons in the Nordic countries do put some extra requirements on our children’s outerwear. The market is overflowing with brands and it’s a jungle out there! SMILE will present the best alternatives, for playing in rain and snow, sunshine or on a cloudy day, and you know that SMILE already selected the best alternatives for the environment and responsible production.  


Carina Toss avatar
Carina Toss
COO, Founder and Owner

Carina Toss is the COO at SMILE. She likes when it’s really busy. Maybe it’s because of her extensive background from McDonalds where she was responsible for opening several new restaurants and introducing new concepts. She’s the designer and developer of our own brand SLASKIS
Andreas Weiss avatar
Andreas Weiss
CEO, Founder and Owner

Andreas Weiss is the CEO of SMILE. He oversees finance as well as PR and marketing strategies and has great knowledge in e-commerce and business development. Andreas’ vision as an entrepreneur is to create something, extraordinary. “Today it’s not enough to have satisfied customers. 
Contact Information:

Andreas Weiss

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