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Apr 27, 2017 12:35 PM ET

La8″10″ by Woodyman Woodyman democratizes the 8″10″ large format photography

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

La8″10″ by Woodyman

Woodyman democratizes the 8″10″ large format photography

About the project

“Woodyman, two photography lovers launch La 8″10″, a qualited large format camera who offer all the possibilities that you can wait for a large format camera, 100% made in France with a democratized price”

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La 8″10″ Woodyman was born out of a passion shared by two friends for the large format photography and a statement: “The 8×10 large format photographic cameras are unique tools, they have an incomparable quality and offer impressive possibilities. The financial investment to start in this photographic format remains very important.” Here is the idea: ​​democratizing the large format!


Large format photography produced the most important and beautiful images ever created.
Between 1930s and 1950s, pioneers like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston brought back with their cameras the most breathtaking pictures of landscape photography.
Even with the advent of the digital age, large format photography has survived thanks to the incomparable possibilities it offers and its unparalleled quality definition. 

The best current digital sensors do not allow to reach the resolutions of large format films (beyond the 4×5).
This wonderful process older than a century still attracts new passionate photographers.
Making this format more accessible means helping to make it live !


La8″10″ from Woodyman® is a quality photo camera that offers all the technical possibilities you would expect from a large format camera. It combines lightness and robustness while being very functional. Its artisanal manufacture uses high-tech equipment and the origin of its raw materials is 100% French.
Its starting price: 810 euros.
With La8″10″ from Woodyman®  you are the unique creator of a rare and precious memory, the result of your imagination. You take pictures with a noble and perennial tool, unforgettable moments of your life. You rediscover the pleasure of taking the time to think, immerse yourself in your environment and give meaning to the image you produce.

What are you waiting for to write your story in big with light ?

FOR WHO IS La8″10″ ?

Thanks to its maneuverability and comfort, La8″10″ offers to amateurs and professionals the pleasure of having a new, light, design and quality large format camera, which you can enjoy in time.
Everybody who knows how to take time and who wants to make images of an unrivaled quality will find a perfect companion of creation with La8″10″.
This first version of La8″10″ allows the use of a standard photographic lenses range (from 180 mm to 480mm).


  • Extensions: from 40mm to 500mm
  • Closed dimensions: 
    • height: 405mm (475mm handle)
    • width: 327mm (360mm with screws)
    • thickness: 20mm
  • Dimensions of the open housing:
    • length:  557mm
    • width: 327mm (360mm with screws)
    • height: 405mm
  • Materials:
    • poplar / aluminum / stainless steel screws
  • Weight: 2.7kg / 3.2kg (with ground glass)
  • Dimensions of the objective lens: 140x140mm / 6 “6”
  • Diameter of the hole: Copal 3 or other on simple order (included)
  • Tripod mounting:
    • 3/8 inch mounting hole
    • 1/4 inch adapter
  • Front body movements:
    • front tilt : only limited by bellows
    • front swing : only limited by bellows
    • rise: 80mm
    • fall: 60mm
  • Front body movements:
    • back tilt: -20° / + 20°
    • back swing: -20° / + 20°
  • 360° frame holder (portrait and landscape)

Note that the pictures seen of La8″10″ are counter-current. 
Improvements have been made, the new ratings will remain very close.

La 8″10″ is sold nude, here are some addresses to find a lens:

  • Le Grand Format (french) under the “occasions” section (
  • Keh, second hand lens (
  • Catlabs, all you need for your 8″10″, lens, accesories and more (
  • You will find HERE, all the information you need about lens for large format cameras (

Otherwise, on Ebay, you can find good opportunities, but be careful, there are certain things to check when buying a lens:

  • lentils: clean, without fungus and without separation.
  • the shutter: it works correctly at all speeds (slow speeds are sometimes erased).
  • the ring for the filters must be in good condition and overall check that there is no mark of shock.

To achieve your beautiful Woodyman 8″10″, standard focal length lenses (300mm on 8×10) will be the best.
You can go from a 180mm to a 480mm according to your needs. You will find among the suvantes brands your happiness: Fuji, Nikon, Rodenstock, Schneider …



What are the funds for?


We need you to continue this ancient and magnificent practice of the large format photographic camera.
Thanks to your support, we will be able to offer you quality materials at the best price.

The money raised will allow us to finance mainly the machines and materials in order to start production, as well as the local to launch the production of La 8″10″ by Woodyman.
Secondly, Woodyman will offer more scalable devices that will allow you to take advantage of a larger and still affordable range of photo lenses. Accessories, such as a 4×5 adapter and various holders are being developed.
Additional custom cameras options are also available.

The 4×5 adapter ;-)


– The Eternal Gratitude

– The Totebag

– The little collection

– Your own portrait made with La 8”10” by one of the WoodyBrothers

– An original Polaroid please

– A double-exposure photography masterclass!

– La8”10” by WOODYMAN!


– Step 1 : 100% : 25000€
La 8″10″ will can launch its first production!

– Step 2 : 120% : 30000€
 The Woodyman’s Totebag stamped will be delivered to you with La 8″10″!

– Step 3 : 150% : 37500€
In addition of the step 2 reward, a black cape (to facilitate the focusing & protect your nice 8″10″)
& lensboards will be delivered to you with La 8″10″!

– Step 4 : 200% : 50000€
In addition of the step 3 reward you’ll receive your own La 8″10″ dedicated to your name! And you’ll find others surprises ; )



About the project owner

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