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Apr 27, 2017 1:00 PM ET

Archived: HypeClash – Entertainment Networking App

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

About this project

The Network page - this is where you find your resources!
The Network page – this is where you find your resources!



What is HypeClash? 

HypeClash is a social networking site built specifically for the massive audience inside the entertainment industry.

The networking feature is a key function to HypeClash. After users create their free accounts, they can then search first by location and then by role. The roles/resources are as follows:

  • Actors/Models
  • Artists (All genres)
  • Bands (All genres)
  • Managers
  • Labels/Agencies
  • Promoters
  • Engineers/Producers (All genres)
  • Graphic Designers
  • Instrumentalists
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Vocalists
  • Writers

From there, users can choose to view another user’s content, and if interested, they can “Connect” and begin sending messages internally through our platform!

What about besides networking?

While the networking feature allows for both networking and exposure, we understand that we definitely have room to offer much more!

Soon we will be implementing venue booking as well! The design is set to be very user friendly and function as such:

Users can search for venues first by location, then by the venues listed within that city on our platform. The user can then check the calendar for the venue that we have integrated with our platform to see what days have shows that match the same genre as the given user. If there is space available in the line-up, the user can then request to join the show!

Wow, what else does HypeClash offer?

This next one is big – the home page is a Blog!

If we see a band, a graphic designer, an artist or anyone else doing a lot of great work, we can generate tons of exposure for them. This is because we can generate more traffic than any other entertainment blog because we of our network of users.

More, you say?

That’s right, even more!

We also offer a “Featured” Section. This is a highly exclusive area on the platform where only a handful of users for each role will be placed. This allows for any of the network users to find a definite, HypeClash approved resource for anything they need.

Anything else we should know?

Absolutely – to make sure all the users have the best experience possible, we have already teamed up with music industry professionals from A&Rs to booking managers to offer plenty of resources for turning these hobbies and dreams into realities. We have also teamed up with plenty of indie labels & more to make sure all all the tools for publishing music & distribution are at the users fingertips. 

With so many people gathered in one pool, we are not only offering the marketplace and the chance for the users to finally do what they love to do full-time, we are able to facilitate it fairly!


Risks and challenges

The challenges of getting an app to be successful are mostly making sure the app gets the attention and exposure it needs for a database to be gathered. We have plenty of entertainment industry professionals from AROUND THE WORLD already making sure that all of their clients are ready for such a big transition in the industry.

Additionally, the HypeClash team is full of enthusiastic, highly experienced technical and industry-related faces. We have a panel of programmers as well as some very advanced musicians and entertainers helping guide some more novice users through the industry basics. We have acquired these partnerships through mutual understanding of the need for such a platform!

Contact Information:

Justin Gold

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