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Apr 27, 2017 8:00 AM ET

Archived: Denali Gold Alaska – Our Stated Mission is Harvesting Earth’s Treasures for a Sustainably Bountiful Future!

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

Denali Gold Alaska

Petersville, AK 99683, US
Real Estate

Our Stated Mission is Harvesting Earth’s Treasures for a Sustainably Bountiful Future!

Do you want to buy Gold for $500/oz? This real estate backed opportunity offers the Participant one ounce of refined Gold for every $500 put in to the project.

This property is also ideal for a Phase II Green Luxury Resort Complex. It is one of the last large, private, road/air accessible tracts available in Alaska’s heartland.

The broad sunlit valley that straddles a salmon steam is zoned and subdivided into ten acre lots for ecologically friendly development centered on cutting edge, sustainably powered designs with ‘vertical farm’ food production systems that coincide with the Renewable Energy Alaska Project alaskarenewableenergy.org

This $6MM Buyout, Own, Operate and $2MM Capital Expansion will yield conservatively projected 2,500 ounce per season Gold production while Luxury Resort Complex Development is then initiated on the subdivided land as it is reclaimed.

For simplicity and security this is offered as a real estate transaction with one acre of zoned and subdivided land transferred for every $25,000 increment put in to the project.

The land will be transferred back to the development project upon payment of one ounce of Gold per $500 put in (50 ounces of Gold returned per acre held). This control over the real estate enables the Participant to preclude Phase II development plans, adding incentive against default.

While 2012-2013-2014 revenues averaged approximately $1MM; in the second half of 2014 and in all of 2015 and 2016 the operation was run in Beta Mode by the Purchaser, with the Gold production going to the Seller as down payment.

The operation was run with a production limit set so as to not reduce the remaining amount of in-ground Gold below the 50,000 ounce threshold; therefore the prior two years revenues are not reflective of the true potential of the operation.

Please visit our website at jason63240.wix.com/gold for:

-Executive Summary
-10yr Pro Forma
-Geo Reports
-Production Summary
-Purchase Agreement
-12 Panel Slideshow
-Refinery Receipts
-Down Payment Receipts
-30 minute Due Diligence Video showing process A-Z (in-house production)
-10 minute Promo Video (third party)


Products / Services

$500/oz Gold Royalty

A total of sixteen thousand (16,000) ounces of refined Gold returned years 2-11 on an $8MM tranche (1 ounce of Gold paid for every $500 put in).

A long hold view for the savvy investor’s portfolio is capable of receiving the return over years 2-11 and more importantly appreciates the value of having purchased the Gold at 2008 rates, which will likely never be available on the open market again.

This operation is extremely environmentally friendly and conscious, using only water to process the Gold and NO mercury or cyanide in the cleanup. Fully permitted and situated on private subdivided land, it incorporates two up and running operations. Each consistently produces over one ounce of Gold per hour and both are capable of running 3,600 hours per season. The first is a mobile trommel operating at the head of the valley and the second is a mobile shaker plant operating in the alluvial fan at the base. Experienced crew to remain and retiring Seller involved as an ongoing consultant.



President Operations
Jason Rager

Jason Rager
Jason Rager, the incoming Principal, is a third generation contractor with 25 years heavy equipment experience. His strengths include team building and organization as well as achieving optimal efficiency and production from operations.

Jason has built a strong camaraderie with, and earned the respect of this operation’s crews through shared blood, sweat and tears and intends to continue the operation’s success day to day with boots on the ground.

Jason does not take a short term approach to this venture but rather views it as the beginning of a decades long generational enterprise.

Paul Kragness, will be retained as a consultant with the operation. He is a second generation miner with over 35 years experience in the mining and development sectors and will be retiring just fifteen minutes from the property.

This profitable, continuing operation will be run by these two trusted allies who share a common vision, strong leadership skills, solid integrity, and impeccable character.


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Jason Rager - President Operations

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