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Apr 27, 2017 1:15 PM ET

Archived: Cosmo Connected – The First Connected Brake Light A detachable smart helmet accessory that combines a rear brake light and a mobile application to improve the physical safety of riders.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

About this project

The Cosmo Connected smart helmet accessory is the first wearable brake light connected to a mobile application. The Cosmo shines bright red when riders decelerate and allows riders to be more visible in all weather conditions. For the first time, a smartphone application grants motorcycles the same emergency roadside assistance as the eCall (Emergency Call) does for cars (i.e. “OnStar” in the USA). The App is designed to alert an emergency call center in the event of an accident signaled by the device, sending the rider’s GPS coordinates and medical information to the nearest rescue team.

The Cosmo is a rear brake light with a sleek design that shines bright red to indicate the deceleration of a motorcycle driver.

Cosmo Connected aims at becoming the main ally of motorcycle riders by optimizing their personal safety thanks to an innovative and patented connected device.

The Cosmo App ensures that rescue arrives at the scene in a timely manner in case of an accident.

When the device detects the driver’s fall, it warns the app thanks to the Bluetooth® connection and automatically alerts an emergency roadside assistance platform that will try to reach the driver. If he doesn’t not answer, the operator calls rescue within 3 minutes and sends first responders the GPS coordinates and medical profile of the driver. It also alerts designated friends and family by email or sms.

  • Manage your device, your emergency contacts and your medical profile from your smartphone. 
  • Use the App to set your Cosmo device to flashing warning mode to signal a particular danger when stopped on the side of the road. 
  • Add contacts names from your phone directory to your emergency contact list that will be notified in case an accident is detected. 
  • Add important information to your medical profile so that the rescue team is aware of your particular condition upon arrival at the accident scene.





 project video thumbnail

Production – Fondastudios / Realisation – Sebastien Galiana / Music Composer – Sebastien Kalian / Montages – Alexandre Lautier, Sebastien Galiana 



Color: Black

Finish: Shiny

Price: 99€ • Save 20€ off RRP 119€ • Early Bird Limited Quantity

Estimated Early Bird Delivery: July 2017

Estimated Delivery: September 2017


Color: White

Finish: Shiny

Price: 99€ • Save 20€ off RRP 119€ • Early Bird Limited Quantity

Estimated Early Bird Delivery: July 2017

Estimated Delivery: September 2017

Color: Black

Finish: Satin

Price: 119€ • Save 20€ off RRP 139€ • Early Bird Limited Quantity

Estimated Early Bird Delivery: July 2017

Estimated Delivery: September 2017

Color: Black

Finish: Matt

Price: 139€ • Save 10€ off RRP 149€ • Early Bird Limited Quantity

Estimated Early Bird Delivery: July 2017

Estimated Delivery: September 2017


 Color: Silver

Finish: Aluminium

Price: 149€ • Save 10€ off RRP 159€ • Early Bird Limited Quantity

Estimated Early Bird Delivery: July 2017

Estimated Delivery: September 2017


 Color: Dark Grey

Finish: Carbon

Price: 249€ • Save 50€ off RRP 299€ • Early Bird Limited Quantity

Estimated Early Bird Delivery: September 2017

Estimated Delivery: November 2017

  • Mashable – “This motorcycle helmet makes it easier for drivers to see your bike’s break light”
  • The Huffington Post – “A great solution is Cosmo connected, a $119 device that attaches to the back of any helmet and functions as a connected brake light ” 
  • Geek News Central – “Cosmo Connected is Ensuring the Safety of Motorcyclists” 
  • Digital Trends – “Cosmo Connected has debuted at CES 2017 a solution to help keep two-wheeled commuters a little safer on the road” 
  •  Accelerometer – The deceleration of the rider is known via the accelerometer of the product. The light goes on upon deceleration, even if the rider does not press the brake of the vehicle (by releasing the accelerator or by retrograde).
Accelerometer & Gyroscope
Accelerometer & Gyroscope
  •  Gyrometer – The gyrometer detects the rate of change of angles undergone by the helmet around 3 axes. The electronic signatures of these movements, coupled with those of the accelerometer, make it possible to detect a fall. The detected fall is interpreted by a complex software and then transmitted to the rider’s relatives, as well as to an emergency call center that will try to reach the rider. If he/she does not answer, the operator will call again for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the degree of urgency detected. If he is still not answering and the Cosmo and smartphone sensors remain inactive, the operator will notify the nearest rescue team and send them the GPS position of the driver and his profile to the nearest first responders


 project video thumbnail

How To Detect An Accident – Demo

  • BLE connector (Bluetooth® Low Energy) – The product communicates with the biker’s smartphone in Bluetooth® Low Energy to maximize the autonomy of the Cosmo Connected product and the biker’s smartphone. 
  • Battery – The product is equipped with a 900mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. The battery offers an autonomy of 5h to 8h of continuous use and 5 to 7 days of standby. The product must therefore be charged using the supplied micro-USB cable, approximately once a week, depending on the intended use. The battery is designed for safe use from -20 ° C to 65 ° C during discharge and from 0 ° C to 45 ° C for charging. 
  • Magnetic base – The magnetic base is positioned on the back of the helmet with a pre-installed double-sided adhesive. It is therefore sufficient to clean the surface of the helmet with the cleaning kit provided, to place the base in its place on the back of the product, to remove the protective film on the back of the base and to press the product with the base in the back of the helmet. Remove the Cosmo from the magnetic base and let the adhesive during 8 hours to guarantee a good adhesion. 


We worked with the best designers and engineers to create an efficient, easy to use, reliable product that works in all weather conditions.

 project video thumbnail

Cosmo is removable, so that battery charging is easy, and it doesn’t get in the way of storing your helmet.  


It uses a magnetic base, glued to the back of a helmet. It’s designed to fit the curve of every helmet type. 



New applications of its technology on other vehicles and for other uses will soon be unveiled by Cosmo Connected. 


The safety accessory developed by Cosmo Connected, can be used in a variety of different situations: biking, skiing, horseback riding, extreme sports…as well as in the professional world where dangerous situations are commonplace (construction, policing, the handling of heavy equipment, deliveries, etc.) 



Laurent: “I can’t wait to be able to start using this connected stoplight on my helmet ! Sounds like a great new personal safety device for motorcycle riders !” – Facebook @CosmoConnected

 project video thumbnail

Production – Fondastudios / Film director – Sebastien Galiana / Music – Sebastien Galiana / Montage – Alexandre Laugier, Sebastien Galiana


  • Elium Studio: Founded in 2002, Elium studio is an award winning design agency that applies signature design to industrial design and has received 14 awards at the last CES Show in Las Vegas, for work performed with start-ups, multinational corporations, publishers and luxury brands like Withings, Panasonic, L’Oréal, Lexon, or Seiko.
  • ESV Digital: Founded in 2004, ESV Digital is a consulting agency for strategy and digital performance, specializing in collection, analysis and data processing to improve the marketing performance of its customers. In 2016, ESV Digital was elected as 2016 Media Agency of the Year for Innovation in the category Pure Player category.
  • Wemanity: Founded in 2013, Wemanity’s purpose is to design products and services of the future, by uniting technological skills and social innovation.  It is a major partner of our team as it experiments with all aspects of connected objects, robotics and Big Data.
  • Defond: Founded in 1978, Defond is a highly reputable supplier of components for home appliances and various industrial applications. It provides one-stop solutions to global companies with sophisticated technical and quality requirements.
  • Arrk Europe: ARRK’s prototyping centres fulfil local demand and also work together as a team to share capacity, expertise and material options to ensure they meet our global customers’ requirements.


Created in 2015 Cosmo Connected has been co-founded by Romain Afflelou (Chairman & Major Shareholder) and Frédéric Metge (CEO & Partner), who’s bringing financial, industrial, and distribution expertise to the business. Pauline Conan has joined the team in May 2016 as Marketing Projects Manager.

Laurent de Bernède, joined Cosmo in 2017 as COO and he is in charge of product development and manufacturing, R&D, and international business development for the Americas, Asia and Australia. 

Two new engineers have just joined to team to work on Cosmo Connected new developments.

See You Soon!

See You Soon!


Risks and challenges

By using crowdfunding, our objective is to:
– Build an international community around this innovation.
– Raise money to increase our order capacity and keep our retail price below 120$.
– Be the first crowdfunding campaign with a new product that will become a safety standard for motorcyclists, cyclists, etc.

Contact Information:

Cosmo Connected

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