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Apr 27, 2017 3:05 PM ET

Archived: BetBanter The social betting app, making betting interactive and fun between friends.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017


The social betting app, making betting interactive and fun between friends.

Think how crazy sports fans (especially football) get over their teams with their friends who support opposing teams. Now imagine if there was an app they could bet against those friends, have banter (make fun) with them during the matches and then post about their wins and losses on social media. That app would grow rapidly. That is the aim of BetBanter, to become the only tool friends use to make personal bets. We aim to disrupt the online gaming market and you can come along on our journey!


With a huge untapped market and a solid, proven route to that market we are set to shake up the online gaming industry. We understand our players and we know how to maximise profits within the sector. Be apart of a game changer that is also highly lucrative.















The problem this product solves

Betting and gambling has many negative connotations but its still a hobby for millions of people. Friends always make wagers and bets with each other. At the bar, in the club or sat on the sofa watching their teams on TV. There is nothing facilitating these types of peer to peer bets and we aim to solve that with BetBanter.

How the product solves it

The BetBanter App has a full sports betting platform like a big Bookie operator but rather than betting against the bookies you purely bet against your friends. We also have a random bets option for even more fun down the pub or club. We take the negative impact of gambling away and make it fun and simple to wager with your mates on sports and random bets.

Product features

The app facilitates bets between friends, set your own amounts and odds. Your 20 against your friends 10 if your team is favourite for example.
Simple login – Via facebook.
Two betting systems – Sports bets and random bets, random bets can include who drinks a pint the fastest, who wins at FIFA etc.
Leader boards – Win points to enter leaderboards for prizes. Always beating your mates? Try your luck against other betting experts in the league tables to win monthly and yearly prizes.
Social media – Share your wins against your friends.

Product use cases

Dave and John are both at their homes watching Manchester United and Liverpool playing on their TV’s. Dave sends a request for a 10 pound bet on the game for his team United to win. John accepts the bet and the game becomes much more exciting!
Group of buddies down the bar? Make a group bet who can drink their pint of beer the fastest! All put in 5 pounds and winner takes all the pot.


Damon Booth avatar
Damon Booth
Founder and CEO

Damon is a British national based in Malta. He started his career in the Wealth management and investment management sector aged 21. He travelled the world with the company Devere Group working in Qatar, Thailand, Vietnam and ultimately Malta. Whilst based in Malta he became entwined in the gaming industry
Daniel Sjogren avatar
Daniel SjogrenCo-founder

Daniel is a Swedish national based in Asia. He has been a C-level executive at companies such as Levis Jeans and Carlsberg. He brings a wealth of experience to the company and advises on the marketing strategies and financials.
Contact Information:

Damon Booth

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