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Apr 27, 2017 7:10 AM ET

Archived: Allete Therapeutic Solutions: Focus is metabolic disease — in particular diabetes, heart disease and cognitive disease. Diabetes is a medical problem of epidemic proportions.

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Allete Therapeutic Solutions

San Francisco Bay Area, CA 94611, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

Allete Therapeutic Solutions’ focus is metabolic disease — in particular diabetes, heart disease and cognitive disease. Diabetes is a medical problem of epidemic proportions.

Allete Therapeutic Solutions hallmark product is the ‘Artificial Pancreas System’ (‘APS’), licensed on an exclusive basis from Trina Health (Sacramento, CA) for management of metabolic disease, especially diabetes. APS is protected by seven (7) issued international patents.

APS is the only insulin infusion device to provide an average of 7X the background level of insulin to a patient’s portal vein (intravenously), at precise doses delivered in surges every 6 minutes. This mimicking of the normal, healthy pancreas in insulin delivery is more than 3X the amount of insulin provided by alternate insulin infusion devices, and serves as the essence of device patents and intellectual property (‘IP’).

APS is US FDA cleared and safe to use. It has garnered Medicare reimbursement and private insurer reimbursement approvals in the US for treatment of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, together with all their co-morbidities.

For information about Allete Therapeutic Solutions call Lanford Tobe at (916) 444-9036 office or (916) 796-6536 Direct

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“It is absolutely certain patients on our treatment are almost never hospitalized again”, G. Ford

Diabetes is rapidly evolving into an “epidemic” in many developed and emerging economies. For example, in the US alone, there are an estimated 24 million diabetics, with an additional 40 million to 50 million pre-diabetic patients (50% of those over age 65), most of whom will eventually become diabetic. These pre-diabetic subjects have ‘metabolic syndrome’, characterized by hypertension, elevated blood glucose and triglycerides, elevated Hemoglobin A1C (‘HA1C’), and excess belly fat (ie, “obesity”).
According to the Wall Street Journal ( dated April 16, 2013, page D1, “In Diabetes Care, Push to Simplify”), as many as 1 out of 3 adults in the US by 2050 will likely have diabetes, a more than tripling of the current diabetes incidence, with the aging of the population.
APS therapy



Paul McGehee

Mr. Paul L McGehee is President & CEO, Dyne Immune Institute for Translational Medicine and Research. Mr. McGehee was founder President & CEO of Allete Pharmaceuticals. Allete has unique antimicrobial medical food technology eradicates bacteria associated with the nosocomial infections. Paul is currently collaborating with Trina Artificial Pancreas System” (‘APS’) for treatment of diabetes and its major co-morbidities of neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy, decubitus ulcers and hypertension. APS is uniquely potent in addressing the diabetes and its many major co-morbidities, and likely constitutes one of the more significant medical technology breakthroughs of the 21st Century. Health For over twenty years Mr. McGehee has served on several boards, which promote quality of life issues around the world.



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