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Apr 27, 2017 12:15 PM ET

Archived: A maternal ambulance for Cameroon Because life is priceless !

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

A maternal ambulance for Cameroon

Because life is priceless !


About the project

Tackling a “forgotten” emergency: access to care

In Banka, as in all Cameroonian countries, access to care is the main cause of maternal and infant mortality. For future mothers, the main barrier to accessing quality care before, during and after childbirth remains the lack of transportation to clinics. The distance to walk and the difficulty of walking cause future mothers to space or neglect prenatal visits, endangering their lives and that of their babies.

The maternal ambulance: to increase and facilitate access to care

The maternal ambulance service wants to equip the health centers of Banka with light vehicles of relief; To ensure the rapid evacuation of patients and future mothers, thereby contributing to the reduction of maternal, neonatal and infant mortality.

Maternal ambulance: a simple and reproducible concept

For a maternal ambulance, 1000 women and children are rescued each year. Our goal is to set up 30 maternal ambulances in the Cameroonian countryside by 2020.

The missions of the maternal ambulance

  • Carrying the Future Moms Helping people in distress
  • Equipping dispensaries with a rescue service
  • Evacuating the sick and victims of road accidents

The direct impacts of the maternal ambulance

  • The rapid evacuation of future mothers  
  • Rapid evacuation of accident victims
  •  Reducing maternal, neonatal and infant mortality  
  • Adherence to the schedule of prenatal visits by prospective mothers
  •  Improving it in the care of victims of road accidents  
  • Increasing access to care for the populations of remote rural areas
  • The creation of 6 first-aid-ambulance jobs in Banka.



What are the funds for?

The maternal ambulance service is in its implementation phase after 20 months of preparation! Your contribution will allow us to install Banka the first maternal ambulance of Cameroon. Specifically, your participation will :

  • The purchase of a medical scooter: for the evacuation of future single mothers to the dispensary.
  • The acquisition of 4 delivery kits: to ensure emergency deliveries
  • The purchase of 2 bags of emergency and rescue: for the transport of first aid material
  • Buying a medicine bag
  • Buying a long-distance long-range torch + a battery pack Beneficiaries of the maternal ambulance

Beneficiaries of the maternal ambulance

  • The Future Moms
  • Old people
  • Persons with reduced mobility
  • Victims of road accidents Patients and people in distress

The advantages of the medical scooter:

  • Its maneuverability on rural roads without bitumen.  
  • Its very advantageous selling price  
  • Easy maintenance Availability of spare parts


About the project owner

I am Christian KALIEUsocial entrepreneurDoctor in spatial planning and researcher-associate at the institute of Geoarchitecture of Brest. For 3 years, I have been involved in the local and social development of rural communities in Cameroon. In recent years I have shared the suffering, isolation and hardship of the walk endured by rural women for lack of transport means to reach the health center. Their desolation and their despair have aroused me. In order to make their lives more enjoyable, I decided to offer them a maternal ambulance service.

I am Pierre-Yves BOCKSassociative manager and rescuer in Switzerland. During my last trip to Cameroon, I noticed the absence of emergency service to the person. So I decided in partnership with Christian to invent a simple solution to provide assistance to anyone in distress and particularly to future mothers.





Contact Us




They accompany us:

In pursuing this project, we crossed paths of inspiring and generous people who helped us to awaken and advance our journey :

  • Dr Anne Dubois-Quéré general practitioner in Brest project sponsor
  • Mr Rolland Omnes delegated project coordinator by IAE Brest
  • Mrs Evelyne Bergot President Civil protection antenna of Finistère
  • Mrs Carole Osmond and Mrs Sabine Klein Administrative Officers IAE Brest
Contact Information:

Christian KALIEU

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