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Apr 26, 2017 11:07 PM ET

Archived: SAP to Introduce New Features to Improve the Healthcare Industry

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 26, 2017

SAP is no stranger to the healthcare industry. Ever since SAP HANA was first introduced in 2013, SAP has been providing the healthcare industry with different solutions for optimizing health-related services. SAP is also among the first to offer a comprehensive cloud solution for healthcare service providers.

The latest series of updates from SAP will take the integration of critical functions and solutions to a new level. SAP will soon offer all elements of the healthcare information system, from the cloud platform acting as the foundation for advanced patient engagement solutions. How will the integrated solution affect the healthcare industry?


Inevitable Changes


The use of information technology is now an essential part of our healthcare system. The introduction of HIPAA and the wide implementation of electronic health records or EHRs mean healthcare service providers must now store information digitally. Standards are put in place to ensure the security of patient information, too.

Universities are responding to these changes by adding courses that will prepare healthcare specialists for the new system. In fact, masters in health informatics are among the most sought after healthcare professionals on the market today. Top names such as the University of Cincinnati are accommodating more students and updating their online MSHI program to stay current with recent changes.

The synergy enables the entire healthcare industry to absorb and implement new technologies at an amazing rate. In fact, healthcare providers are among the most advanced businesses on the market technology-wise.


An Integrated Solution


Until very recently, health care support systems were designed to work individually. Digital medical imaging systems can’t directly talk to patient management systems and other parts of the institution’s workflow. As a result, doctors and nurses – and of course administrators – still do a lot of data transfers manually.

The future lies in integration. This is why SAP’s efforts to improve the healthcare industry is so important. SAP has maintained a stunning reputation for integrated, highly standardized solutions for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and services.

Its brand of integration will not combine elements such as cloud infrastructure, Software as a Service (SaaS), care collaboration and healthcare analytics, and research into one solution that is easy to use. The system can even handle patient administration and billing as well as the general management tasks of healthcare institutions.


A Bright Future


Integrated solutions will bring a number of crucial benefits to the healthcare industry. For starters, information management will be very efficient, allowing service providers to provide care and treatment at an amazing speed and with immense accuracy. The costs of storing and managing information will be much lower too, which means patients can expect healthcare services to be more affordable in the future.

Some of these changes are already being implemented by top health service providers. The future of healthcare lies in the simplified, real-time IT platform capable of doing advanced analytics and assisting care providers in doing their job efficiently. SAP’s CEO predicted the new system will be standard by 2020. We’re looking at a bright future for the healthcare industry.

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