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Apr 21, 2017 7:27 AM ET

At Her Table Digital Publication that Eliminates the Barrier Between Dreaming and Doing by Fostering a Community of Women

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017

At Her Table 

Digital Publication that Eliminates the Barrier Between Dreaming and Doing by Fostering a Community of Women

Project Description

aht1Cofounders, Elliott Taylor + Ashtin Paige

At Her Table tells the stories of women who take risks, work countless hours and pour themselves into what they do. Many women dream but the ones who are putting one foot in front of the other are taking those dreams and turning them into something tangible. That is worth celebrating.1454343534058
These stories are translated through styled photography with this purpose: to eliminate the barrier between dreaming and doing by fostering a community of women who empower and celebrate one another. At Her Table highlights these gems and and portrays them in a light that authentically shows their true-slves. No candy coating. No fabricating. Only showing the beauty in courage, strength, and determination to create something out of nothing. We see her. We hear her. Now, we want to sit At Her table and get to know

Another aspect of At Her Table is Supper: At Our Table. Supper: At Our Table is a series of intimate gatherings held throughout the year in efforts to connect women with each other beyond social media. A place for women to get to know one another over a thoughtfully prepared meal. Our team believes in the value of community. Our goal is to stimulate growth within our own community by taking the time to slow down, invest and celebrate one another.katy

Since launching in 2016, AHT has featured six women and hosted three suppers. Over the last year, we have experienced all of the blood, sweat, tears and pure joy that go into starting a business on the side of our own personal businesses. We are committed to empowering women everywhere to be all they dream. At Her Table has empowered us in so many ways and we are dreaming big for the future. All good things take time and it’s about that time for At Her Table.sup3

PRINT. While we have plans (listed below) for our online audience, we are passionate about print and are working towards an annual issue that takes these women’s stories and puts them in a beautiful coffee table book, giving many others a physical source of encouragement and inspiration

AT YOUR TABLE. Since day one, we have gotten a number of emails from people submitting names of women who are feature-worthy. We realized that no matter how much we want to, there is no physical way we can feature all of these women on our own. Because of this, we will be incorporating a new addition to our website called “At Your Table.” In blog format, we will be receiving submissions from across the country and around the world of fully completed features (photography, styling and writing). There is never a shortage of inspiring women!

IMG_9434SUPPER TOUR. With Supper: At Our Table being so fruitful here in Nashville and after receiving many, many, many inquiries, we are finally hitting the road and bringing Supper to cities across the nation. We need community now more than ever and we want to intentionally connect with the many different women in America. We have heard from Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Austin, Atlanta, Memphis and Orlando and plan on reaching these places as best we can. 

 All of this takes work, of course, and not just from the three of us. We have a staff of women who “keep the lights on” and have donated their time, talents and resources for our humble cause. In a world where collaboration and trade abound, we realize the value these women add to this work and want to compensate them for what they do. As much as we want to empower women to do what they want to do, words only go so far. We want to take action by compensating our staffers what they deserve.


(L to R) Elliott Taylor, Kat Wolle, Ashtin Paige

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At Her Table

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