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Apr 21, 2017 12:30 PM ET

Archived: Alisa Nicole Swim: Environmentally Friendly Swimwear Our Mission is twofold: To give women the comfortable and flattering swimwear that they deserve, and to help protect the planet.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017

Alisa Nicole Swim: Environmentally Friendly Swimwear 

Our Mission is twofold: To give women the comfortable and flattering swimwear that they deserve, and to help protect the planet.

Project Description

What Is Alisa Nicole Swim?

Alisa Nicole Swim is a brand that aims to fit women of all ages and shapes. We have a minimalist meets vintage 1950’s aesthetic that appeals to a younger and older generation. We design with the mindset to help women resolve their fitting issues with swimwear. All of our one pieces contain an interior flexi-bra that allows invisible support for women of all bust sizes. We use “real women” as fit models instead of the industry standard of size 4. We know super models can shop easily for a swimsuit, but what about the perfectly imperfect every day woman? She deserves to feel her best too. We design for her in mind.


Our Core Beliefs

1) Minimalism X Sustainability.

This means we believe in local manufacturing and we don’t add extra bells and jingles to our suits. We keep it simple with clean lines, little excesses and pay close attention to keeping our production running efficiently. (All in NYC!)

2) Women’s Empowerment.

We strive to create a community of women who help one another and foster positive body images. We believe every women deserves to feel her best. When you do good, you feel good. With our comfortable, healthy fabrics, all at an affordable price, we  make the organic option available for everyone.

3) Animals X Nature X Environment.

We can’t help it, we simply love animals, nature and the environment. We want to preserve this environment for our future generations and the current path we are heading on with fast fashion is simply unsustainable. The fashion industry is the 2nd leading cause of pollution and contributor to Global Warming. With Hemp and organic natural fabrics, we can help change that path. We hope one day to bring this company to a point where we can give back a percentage of all sales to animal and environment charities.

Our Team

On our team we have the Head Designer: Alisa Gore and Chief Sales and Operations Strategist: Michael Adams. Together we form a complimentary partnership. Alisa has been doing alterations to her clothing since she hit puberty and creates every prototype herself. Michael is an entrepreneur who has started and owned multiple successful businesses with an expertise on online sales and SEO. Michael has also worked with Sea Shepard, and has a special interest in helping keep our oceans clean and well preserved.

Mike Adams


A.N.S. is launching in late May 2017. We have a 6 piece collection that we would like to add a variation to. This duplicated variation will be made from an eco friendly fabric. When we say “eco-friendly” we really mean top of the line, bio degradable fabric made from Hemp and Cotton. There is only one other brand that uses this type of fabric for swimwear and we would like to grow this community and expand the use of Hemp and Organic Cotton in the fashion industry. Hemp is an underused crop that has so many important benefits that include being good for the Earth as well as your skin and health. Just think of all the harmful chemicals and dyes you could be avoiding by wearing a hemp fabric. Plus it gets softer with each wear and has natural antibacterial properties. With a small amount of Lycra, it can stretch just like normal man made yarns that typically make up a swimsuit. We love our current 6 designs, however with this fundraiser we will be able to have a collection of 12 styles, and give you the consumer, the option of an environmentally friendly swimsuit. We won’t say it’s the first of its kind, but we will try very hard to not make it the last of it’s kind.

Our iFundWomen Campaign

$3,000 for inventory (fulfilling current orders and Summer 2017 Inventory)

$400 for Pre-Summer Season online advertising

$600 for new Hemp/Cotton fabric and sample making process.

Remainder $1000 will be split amongst site fees for crowdfunding and paying for an all inclusive photo shoot to take place in May.

If by any chance we raise more than $5,000. It would be amazing to be able to hire PR services for the Summer or pay for a Fashion Industry Consultant. Depending on the amount excess funds could also go towards having additional inventory for the Summer.


Bardot In White Bardot In White

Sophie in Two Piece form, in Flamingo Pink Sophie in Two Piece form, in Flamingo Pink

Aphrodite in One Piece Form, in Deep Blue Aphrodite in One Piece Form, in Deep Blue



Alisa Nicole Swim New York, N.Y.


Created 1 Projecthttp://alisanicoleswim.com

Contact Information:

Alisa Nicole Swim

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