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Apr 20, 2017 7:09 PM ET

The Fuzz Gentlemen The first Album

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017

The Fuzz Gentlemen

The first Album

About the project

Dear friends and music lovers, 

Our ambition to release our first album has come to life and we will do so next November.

But to achieve our goal, we do need your help ! And we invite you to be part of our team. Of course, some positions such as song writer, composer, sound engineer, are already filled in. So, how could you be part of the adventure ?

Well, just be a crowdfunder and be a co-producer !

Lately, we released a new video of our song Truth, that will be part of our next album. 

Regarding rewards, have a look on the right of the page to find amazing ones (you can of course offer them to a friend). And… all our contributors, no matter the amount pledged, will receive an exclusive song before the public release of the album. 


What are the funds for?

When it comes to create an album, financing can include several steps. You need :

– A graphic artist who will be able to convey our music and style into the relevant picture

– The proper studio to record our album, as well as a skilled sound engineer (who also has to be very patient since 2/3 of the band can be quite susceptible… we are artists, aren’t we… !) able to mix and master our album

– The perfect communicating person, able to sell our project in France and also abroad

– To pay high SDRM fees (Society for the Right of Reproduction for writers, composers and editors) so we will be allowed 

– And last but not least, to press our CDs


We are able to finance half of the process, but we definitely need you for the other half ! In the following chart, you will discover the global budget of the total process.

Column chart : 

Now, on this pie chart, here is how we are going to use your contribution on ULULE


About the project owner

The Fuzz Gentlemen? Let’s see what the others think :


OuiFM (French radio) : “ Under their Gentlemen ways, inveterate rockers are hidden, not caring for the protocole. This is with this contrast that the trio is enlightened, and they do intend to become an indispensable band of the Yonne Scene. The Fuzz Gentlemen’s originality offers us a non-standard view on modern musics.


The Fuzz Gentlemen is also a 360° Live video, shot by Find Work Prod for their very first concert ! You can watch it here.


The Fuzz Gentlemen also opened for the legendary band No One Is Innocent, only a few months after being created.  

Contact Information:

Kurt'N Prod

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