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Apr 20, 2017 4:33 PM ET

Archived: Bimici Enterprises: Sell store fixtures and displays to retail stores of all sizes.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017

Bimici Enterprises

Morganton, NC 28655, US
Business Products & Services

As an Ecommerce / Internet Marketing Manager professional I have a deep understanding, with practical application, of these skills that are extremely important with my new business. I have also worked in the wholesale store fixtures and display arena, and increased my former employer’s from $235,000 in 2009 in sales to 1.3 Million in 2011.

With this business, I plan to make some very profitable changes, such as,

1. In the beginning, I will source my products from overseas, instead of ordering through drop-ship intermediaries.
One example is. My former employer would order the products from middlemen and mark the price up extremely. I have a slideshow that shows outsourcing will allow me to sell a large product, purchased for $700 (includes shipping), for $2,500. My company’s profit would equal $1,800. This is a big advantage, because the middleman sells this same product to my former employer for $2,800, who then marks it up 3,700 – This achieves a $900 return on this one product.

Future plans include opening two more businesses under the Bimici Enterprises. The size of the large building I want for the wholesale store fixtures, will allow for these two additional companies to start up without additional cost fora building to operate in.

Of course, my focus at this time is the wholesale store fixtures business.

Products / Services

Store Fixtures & Displays

Sell store fixtures and displays to retail stores of all sizes.



President Executive Officer
Brenda Coffey

Brenda CoffeyI have worked in Internet services and graphic design, for 20 years. I am adept at building eCommerce websites, and also management of eCommerce websites, Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising, vendor relations, Social Media, and management of in-house and outsourced employees.


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2 years, 4 months0e-Marketplace


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Brenda Coffey

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