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Apr 20, 2017 5:13 PM ET

Archived: 1 HAND 4 THE ARTS – Advanced Arm Dynamics is a company based in Philadelphia (PA, USA) close to the Big Apple, that specializes in upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation and already made itself available to help Andre

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017


Speedy is one of those people who stays in our memories and our hearts: even though he doesn’t have an arm he is a professional dancer and a breakdance teacher. If he teaches you a move, will you give him a hand?

The life of “Speedy” started just like ours with the small difference that he was born with only one arm.

But this circumstance never limited him: it became the opportunity for Andre to give his body and soul to his passion for dance and to become one of the best b-boys in Portugal.

With the strenght and joy that come from his heart with the will and perserverence that only a gift can give, Andre was able to achieve his dream and on top of dancing for a living he also teaches and inspires others to do the same regardless of the circumstances.

We want to help “Speedy” because of the amazing person he is but also because this would be a precious gift to him as a dancer and person, not only today or tomorrow but for the rest of his life. 

Motivated by the will of growing as a dancer, André dreams of traveling to the United States of Americ to get a prosthesis that is specially built for athletes, also improving the quality of his daily life. This prosthesis will allow him to execute a range of movements now impossible for him such as grab, pull, lift, support, elevate and others.

Advanced Arm Dynamics is a company based in Philadelphia (PA, USA) close to the Big Apple, that specializes in upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation and already made itself available to help Andre and to follow his process by offering a discount to help his cause.

To make André’s dream come true, Dê+Coração, Slow J and Sente Isto joined and united their strenghts and resources to raise the necessary funds to pay for this prosthesis and his trip to the USA.

In total Speedy needs 28,061.78 € (aprox. 30,313.89$)

If he teaches you some moves, will you give him a hand?


Dê + Coração – Movimento Daniela

The Association “Dê Mais Coração – Movimento Daniela” is a non profitable organization from Portugal whose mission is to:

  • Help the Heart Institute from Mozambique (Instituto do Coração – ICOR) to save the lives of children who suffer from heart diseases;
  • Boost happiness in Portugal, by helping to make dreams come true;
  • Keep alive the memory of Daniela and do good through this legacy.

This association was founded in 2011 by Esmeralda Fernandes after the death of her daughter Daniela who left us too soon because of a heart disease. In a constant revival of her memory the selection of dreams to realize by Dê + Coração are connected to the aspirations and passions of Daniela.



Slow J

Slow J is a producer, singer, MC and sound engineer from Portugal. He has his roots in Setúbal, he studied sound engineering and production in London and he puts his heart and soul in his music. He masters words, beats and emotions which makes him one of the most important agents of the musical scene in Portugal. Slow J masters the art of being slow to reach further

Slow J’s new single is called “Arte” it was directed by Made in LX and introduces Speedy as it’s leading figure because he is an undeniable example of authenticity and an inspiration to Slow J.


 Sente Isto (site em manutenção)

Sente Isto (“Feel This”) was founded in 2012 product of the concerted will of some young artists to trigger people and communities to the therapeutic, interventive and social potencial of artistic expression.

Sente Isto focus on developing, managing and producing artistical brands (such as Slow J and DISH) and also on the strenghtening of communitarian bonds and on the development of artistic intervention projects within local communities (RAP Talks).

Before “Arte” video, Sente Isto produced a hand full of other projects with different artists.
We show you the most recent one with Slow J: https://youtu.be/0NGbg36uwWs


  • Special prosthesis by Advanced Arm Dynamics: 21.861,78€
  • Flight Lisbon – NY for 2: 1.500€
  • Accommodation for 2 at Philadelphia and New York for 1 month: 2.000€
  • Food for 2 (all meals): 600€
  • Public transportation in the US for 2:  1.500€
  • Shooting material: 600€

TOTAL amount necessary to make Andre’s dream come true: 28.061,78€

TOTAL raised by crowdfunding: 20.000€ – PPL Commissions (8,6%) = 18.280€

Because it’s a high value we are in need and because the promoters are producing different fundraising events and experiences, we have the goal to raise around 20.000€ through this campaign (excluding the ppl commissions) which will allow the payment of almost the total value of this special prosthesis.

The rest of the money is already being raised by Dê+Coração through other projects that can be found at www.demaiscoracao.com

In case this campaign raisings exceed the proposed value, the surplus will be destined to the support of the flight and journey costs necessary to successfully complete this process with Advanced Arm Dynamics. If the raised amount still exceeds the needed expenses the surplus will be channeled to Dê+Coração’s next sponsored dream.


Contact Information:

Sente Isto

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