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Apr 19, 2017 1:29 PM ET

The Arduino Compatible 42-Digit SPI Keypad Matrix

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2017

About this project

Hi Everyone!

My name is Patrick Mitchell, and I want to thank you for taking the time to have a look at my 22nd Kickstarter Campaign!  Let me introduce you to the 42-Digit SPI Keypad Matrix!

This little guy, while simple in nature, acts as a fully functional (and portable) keypad on the go!  It comes with two main programs, and it connects easily to your Arduino.  It can be used to:

1) Display information to your serial monitor.

2) Display information to LCDs controlled by your Arduino.

3) Be programmed to act as an extensive combination lock

4) Offer commands, such as ENTER, LOAD, CLEAR, etc.

5) Type words, letters, numbers, and executable commands.

Each of the buttons are labelled, and the software eliminates switch bounce like a boss!  The complete alphabet (A-Z), numbers 0-9, and commands (SPACE / # / SAVE / CLEAR / LOAD / ENTER).

Sample Code?

You bet!  As with most of my Arduino themed campaigns, I like to create code samples that are fully commented, and easy to modify.  If you pledge towards this campaign, you will receive a link to the project page that I’ll be creating that will include these code samples, along with a link to the video manual, and assembly video!

Video Manual + Assembly Video:

I’m a video fanatic.  During this campaign, I’ll be creating a video manual, and a detailed assembly video.  The video manual will cover the interface between the keypad and your Arduino UNO, and how to use it.  The assembly video will be created for those of you who pledge towards a DIY soldering kit.  I will be assembling a 42-digit SPI keypad piece by piece, so that you can follow along with me as I assemble one from scratch!  

Connecting Your 42-Digit Keypad To Arduino!

By connecting power, and the SPI data/clock/CS lines to your Arduino, and uploading the sample software, you’re ready to go in just a couple of minutes.  This set is extremely simple to use, and you don’t even need to download any libraries.  Everything will be explained in full detail in the video manual.

 The Modes Of Operation:

There are two modes of operation that are determined on power up, by the state of the PRG jumper.

Program A:  When you jump the middle and left pin, and then power up, the software will simply send SPI data from the keypad to your Arduino UNO.  No frills.  Just straight up data.  When you press a button, the corresponding button data is outputted to your UNO.  The SD “Send” LED lights up as a visual indicator, and turns off as soon as you let go of the relative button.

Program B: When you jump the middle and right pin, and then power up, the software will enter you into combination lock mode.  This is a neat program that allows for you to create your own 4-digit combination.  When you create your code, it is saved into EEPROM memory, so that it is saved, even after power off.  When that code is entered when in scanning mode, the “OUT” pin goes high (5v) for roughly three seconds, and is then turned off (0v).  If you enter in an incorrect combination, the “OUT” line is set to 5v for 250ms, and then goes low again.   I have a piece of sample code that allows for you to control a high power relay switch when a correct combination is entered!  A four digit combination on a 42x digit keypad allows for you to program more than 3,111,696 combinations!

 The Production Schedule:

One week after this campaign begins, I will be able to forecast the requirements for component kitting, and fully assembled keypad sets.  From there, I will begin the ordering process.  At this time, I’ll begin a dialogue with my component sources, and my PCB manufacturer.

Two weeks after this campaign begins, I’ll be formally placing my orders, and I’ll begin work on both the video manual, and the assembly video.

Week three and week four will be spent primarily on keeping you in the loop, relative to order status, and video production.  During the third week, my PCB manufacturer will begin work on populating circuit boards, and wave soldering.  

The two weeks following the end of this campaign will be dedicated to the following:

  • Receiving and inspecting components for kitting.
  • Quality testing all outgoing assemblies.
  • Creating and publishing the project page, which will include the schematic diagram, all Arduino sample code, the link to the assembly video, and the link to the video manual.
  • The packaging and shipping of rewards (All tiers)

All rewards are to be shipped by the end of week six (Two weeks after this campaign ends).

Why Kickstarter // Where Will The Funds Be Spent?

As with all of my campaigns, the end goal is to garner enough funding to purchase components and assemblies in bulk.  Without the help of the Kickstarter community, most of my ideas would never see the light of day.  I’m very grateful to the Kickstarter community for allowing me to bring my ideas to life.  If you’ve never pledged to any of my past campaigns, and you have doubts, then please feel free to view my past projects through Kickstarter.  You’ll see that I have a track record that is beyond excellent.  If you make a pledge towards this campaign, then you have my own personal pledge that I will work day and night to ensure that you reward is shipped on time, or early. Thank you for your consideration!


Risks and challenges

The risk for this campaign is extremely low. I have solid relationships with both my PCB manufacturer/assembler, and all of my component sources. Considering that this project is fairly simple from a hardware perspective, and that there are no rare components required for assembly, there is little to no risk. The worst case scenario is that reward shipments are delayed by a week, but that doesn’t happen often. All reward shipments for my last campaign were shipped early, and the hardware for that campaign was much more complicated. Rest assured that If I’ve earned your pledge, then it is my top priority to ensure that you receive a quality reward on time! Thank you for your consideration =)

Contact Information:

Patrick Thomas Mitchell

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