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Apr 14, 2017 11:00 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2017


Marketplace for Crowdfunded Products


About this project


In 2013, we created our first blog post about crowdfunding. It was cheap and cheesy but we were stoked. A year later we formed Freshpreneur officially with the state of Texas. 

Over the years we have talked with over 200 crowdfunding campaign owners around the world either by phone, skype, or email. So many of these entrepreneurs, artists, creators and small business owners had an exciting story. Every one of them had challenges, set-backs and failures. We learned a LOT about crowdfunding and entrepreneurship in these conversations. When we inquired deeper into these challenges the two predominant themes that continually cropped up were growth after the campaign and targeting the right consumers.

This is our BHAG
This is our BHAG

This all led to the decision to launch a marketplace for crowdfunded products where entrepreneurs could further grow their businesses after their campaigns. In 2016, we created a minimum viable product (MVP) to beta test and gather feedback from our pilot group. We did this for six months and came up with a valuable list of requirements to build into the site interface and backend, making it simple, user-friendly and intuitive.


OK, let’s start with the name, Freshpreneur. It is a merge of the words fresh and entrepreneur. We wanted our name to represent new ideas—contemporary ideas—that were smart and related to crowdfunding. We love crowdfunding. Our mission at Freshpreneur is to passionately promote crowdfunding entrepreneurs. We had been doing this with our weekly blog posts, featuring interesting crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Now it’s time to do something more. That’s why we’re here on Kickstarter!


Crowdfunding is the concept of leveraging the crowd to bring an idea to fruition faster and cheaper than traditional methods. Likewise, this marketplace is intended to bring revenues to crowdfunding startups faster and cheaper than if they were to do so alone. Anyone who has successfully crowdfunded a product can create their own shop in the marketplace and begin making money immediately. Freshpreneur’s Marketplace is for crowdfunding entrepreneurs, crowdfunding enthusiasts, and those interested in indie or niche products. We hope that you enjoy it.


Our marketplace collaborators

Some of the brands we've been working with
Some of the brands we’ve been working with

Less Mess Happy Mat – Successfully raised $72,721 with 1,568 backers

Whisk Wiper – Successfully raised $80,370 with 2,072 backers

EP: Once Upon a Night – Successfully raised $16,696 with 95 backers

Popzup Popper – Successfully raised $17,169 with 75 backers

Magnetic Notes – Successfully raised $295,128 CAD with 5,955 backers

Spydergrip – Successfully raised $17,706 with 505 backers

PhoneSoap – Successfully raised $63,478 with 1,211 backers

Aluminum Sunglasses – Successfully raised $76,925 with 791 backers

The Calvin – Successfully raised $15,352 with 107 backers


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What is this marketplace?

It’s a post-crowdfunding community for crowdfunding project owners, enthusiasts, mavens, connectors, customers, and those interested in indie or niche products.

The products sold in this marketplace are exclusively crowdfunded products. Meaning that they were created via a major crowdfunding platform—that’s the niche.

 project video thumbnail


The Specs:

 How does this marketplace work?


Fees for sellers:

  • $0 Listing fee
  • $0 Monthly fee
  • $0 Cancellation fee
  • 10% Commission charge*

*Calculated on sale based on the item price, excluding shipping and taxes. Additional payment processing fees also apply.

Eligibility for sellers:

To sell your product(s) in the Freshpreneur marketplace your product(s) must have been successfully crowdfunded (meaning you raised enough money to meet or exced your goal on a standard platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo), you must own the rights to the product(s), and the product(s) must not be prohibited items as follows: pornographic, sexually explicit, drugs, tobacco, nicotine and any related items, weapons, and offensive material (excessively crude language, hate language, violence).



Here is a close up of the tote bag design.
Here is a close up of the tote bag design.





Risks and challenges

As far as risks go, our idea is pretty straight-forward. We currently have a functioning ecommerce marketplace (albeit small as it will not be launched to the public until after this Kickstarter) so worst-case-scenario we have it to fall back on. However, there are some major facelifts and technical developments that would greatly enhance the usability and foster community among its members (thus this Kickstarter).

To further reduce risk and complications, we decided to limit the rewards to just one physical product that will require shipping. Also, we have been generous in our timeline to allow for potential delays.

Over the years we have talked with over 200 crowdfunders on the phone or via email in generating our weekly blog posts. In these conversations, we have discussed their frustrations with fulfillment, timelines, and budgets. We hope we have learned from them :)

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