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Mar 20, 2017 8:11 AM ET

Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids Kids clothes that last, save time, money and inspire sustainability.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

About this project

Jake + Maya Kids are on a mission to create “Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids”

As a parent you know kids can grow out of their clothes quickly. Often their clothes are in perfect condition yet you have to get rid of them because they no longer fit. We’re helping to solve this problem!

Our clothes last longer and even through growth spurts. Saving you time and money whilst inspiring the next generation to live more sustainably.

Kids fashion that grows with your child, increasing the lifespan of a standard garment from the average of 1 year to more than 3 years.







Not only are we better for the environment but the kids we’ve shown love our designs and find the clothes really easy and fun to wear.  

Throughout the collection we’ve designed each item to last longer whilst still being easy and fun for kids to wear. 

Trousers have adjustable elastic waistbands

Trousers have adjustable elastic waistbands


Extendable hems and cuffs

Extendable hems and cuffs


Keys items are reversible and multifunctional

Keys items are reversible and multifunctional


Each child’s size is different, so shopping by age doesn’t make sense to us and each child’s taste is also different, so gender stereo-typical designs also doesn’t make sense to us. 

That’s why we have made our prints gender neutral and abandoned age-sizing for a simple S, M, L in each garment. 

Many items come with extension packs so that favourite items can be made to last even longer.  


We will have simple online tutorials to show you how to use our extension packs. You’ll learn super simple and easy ways to extend, up-cycle and mend not only our clothing but all clothing.

To make sustainability easy you can always send items back to us in the mail to extend or mend for you. Plus if you choose one of our outfit options you’ll receive this service for free. 

When children are young, they are primed for learning and soaking everything up. 

We are all responsible for teaching them the right things. Every new experience, every word they learn, every behaviour they adopt, is an investment in a more fruitful future.

Jake + Maya Kids is more than just a fashion line; it is the start of a beautiful change that we are all responsible for.


All our garments are ethically made, using organic cotton and zero-waste techniques. Sizes available are 87cm – 142cm. You’ll get to choose style and sizing once campaign has ended.

















Back us now and be amongst the first to support our campaign. 

To say thanks, you’ll get outfits at an extra special early bird price AND free mending vouchers – but be quick quantities are limited!








Tze Ching Yeung – Creative Director

Rachel Swatton – Pattern Maker / Seamstress

Jake Yiannikkou- Durability Tester / Muse

Maya Yiannikkou- Zero Waste Manager / Muse

Charney Magri – Photographer / Videographer

Jessica – Visual Editor 

Eva Dziedzic – Fashion Stylist / Art Director

Ulrika Nisser – Product Stylist / Photographer

Richard Ling – Kickstarter Marketing Partner

Daisy Dog – Positivity Coach

Jakeandmaya’s collections (as it was previously called) first launched in 2008. We received an amazing response from customers, press and retailers. The collections were stocked internationally in independent boutiques and department stores – including the likes of Harvey Nichols and Alex and Alexa in London.

In 2013, we were honourably listed at the Source Best Ethical Kids Fashion Brand awards. That same year, we stopped trading as we felt that they were not doing enough for sustainability. We saw that we could do much better and so started working on a new collection.

Now we’ve designed almost 40 items and are excited to share some of our favourite pieces with you on Kickstarter. Once funded our goal will be to take the whole collection into production and to help inspire the next generation to live sustainably.

We are looking for trusted sponsors to join our mission. If you are a local business or  anyone who is enthusiastic about children’s clothes and/or sustainability we’d love to hear from you. Contact [email protected]


We’ve designed and tested our collection, and kids and parents love it! All we need now is your support to bring the collection to life! Together we can inspire the next generation to create less waste and live more sustainably!

With your support we promise to:

  • Encourage change in the kids fashion industry, by making collections sustainable and organic whilst designing for zero waste.

  • Continuously look to improve processes so we are always giving parents, children and consumers, the best possible sustainable solutions.

Join us on our journey by backing and sharing our project. Together we can reduce fast fashion waste and inspire the next generation to live more sustainably!


Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges

We have taken the time to get nearly everything in place before launching this campaign. We took the risk up front by delaying the launch of this campaign until we believed it was ready, to lessen the risk to our backers. We have a great team in place so we don’t predict many obstacles here. But there is always the unknown. But we will face every obstacle with the same tenacity and perseverance that we have from the start.

Contact Information:

Tze Ching Yeung

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