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Mar 20, 2017 12:44 PM ET

GreenTechnology Innovations: Solar Powered Heating and Cooling Devices.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

GreenTechnology Innovations

Newark, NJ 07108, US
Industrial & Manufacturing

Green Technology Innovations is manufacturing and outsourcing firm that brings to the market green energy solutions for reducing energy costs. We have a diverse product line which is adaptable in all areas of industry. From heaters to designer solar charges, solar apparel and solar accessories we provide options for individuals in every income bracket. Whether you are looking for additional heating to increase the comfort of your home or you are the savvy business person on the go or a gamer or a person of liesure who just wants to have fun in the sun we provide the tools to provide access to benefits of technology while you are on the go. We believe that green energy for living is swiftly become the life style of the new rich and at Green Technology Innovations we want to make this power accessible to everyone.

Products / Services

Solar Powered Heating and Cooling Devices

We have a line of solar powered heating devices in development.

Designer Solar Devices

We design solar attachments that provides power to transport the use of technology while on the go. It is usable on planes, buses, trains, and the beach if you like. These devices provide power to laptops, phones, netbooks, etc.

Solar Apparel and Accessories

We have apparell and accessories for the home that are equipped with the solar that makes it easy to charge your device whether at home or on the go

Solar Made Easy Webinars/Classes

We shall provide classes and webinar for the public to understand how solar and other alternative energy sources work

Solar Powered Housing Units

Rental Apartments equipped with solar powered heating and cooling devices



President Business Development
Florence Crosby

Florence B. Crosby, CEO is an inventor brings the vision to lead this team and 23 years experience in sales and business development as former VP of IAM Financial Services, former Branch Manager for Guaranteed Home Mortgage and the Lending Source. She will lead the team in market development.

Vice President Finance
Denise Keels

Denise Keels, Financial Accounting Manager a graduate of Pace University and former civilian accounts manager for US military accounts brings to the team 15 + years experience and the financial expertise to oversee our fiduciary responsibilities with excellence. She sits on the board of Directors of NAACP and Empowering Minds Organizations. Has been instrument with assisting various start up businesses.

Executive Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Kevin L. Crosby

Kevin Crosby, VP Product Development brings 25 years experience in manufacturing and team management. He brings the skill and ingenuity to lead our staff in product development and assembly.

Director Development
Kershaw Mansonry and Contracting

Michael Kershaw, of Kershaw Masonry brings to the team the expertise and experience needed to oversee the successful renovation of our properties. Anthony Kershaw is a second generation mason. He has 20+ years experience as a mason and a licensed government approved contractor.

Associate Business Development
Karen Thompson

Karen Thompson, MSW brings to the table 15 years experience in Management and Business Development. She owns and operates Urban Care in the state of NJ who is contracted with the Division of Youth and Family Service to develop programs and supervise the care of clients and staff. She brings to the team the expertise and savvy needed for building a cohesive and effect team.


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5 years, 3 months7Other Industrial & Manufacturing


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Florence Crosby

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