e-scoot Battery Powered Scooters for Green in-town Travel - Battery operated scooters for adults, based on the famous Vespa design of the late 1960’s. - iCrowdNewswire

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Mar 20, 2017 1:33 PM ET

e-scoot Battery Powered Scooters for Green in-town Travel – Battery operated scooters for adults, based on the famous Vespa design of the late 1960’s.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

About this project

Hi, we’re e-scoot, we are trying to make battery powered electric Scooters, not rubbish kids ones, but adult ones, which let you get around town at up to 30mph while having far too much fun for a Monday morning journey to work. They look a bit like this:

Chris on Cilla, our prototype.
Chris on Cilla, our prototype.

 It all started, as all good stories do, in a pub. In China. Adam, our Projects Director wishes he was a mod and had been watching all day the amount of scooters buzzing around the city. While enjoying the local hospitality he found out about the scooters and everything they did. Once home, realising that the UK and Europe have not discovered this cheap, green and quick way of getting around town the plan for e-scoot was formed.

 In October 2016 we took delivery of Cilla, our prototype, to get the project started. We’ve used Cilla to test everything we could think of, taken her for long journeys, short journeys, journeys which involved parking in front of traffic wardens and rockers. You name it we’ve done it. We’ve made a load of changes, upgraded the motor, got better brakes and we’re now confident that we have a product which will look great and do the world some good too. 

So we’ve come to you lovely people at Kickstarter to show you where we’ve got to and ask for your help. Our next step is to get a number of the scooters over, get them out into the cities and around the UK. We have found that the best way of people being interested in the scooters, in the environmental story behind them and making their journeys a bit more fun is for people to see the scoot in all her glory. So we thought we’d come to you and offer a great big discount to start getting them out. 

Colours of an e-scoot
Colours of an e-scoot

 if you want to help us revolutionise in-town travel, while being eco-friendly and damn stylish to boot this is your opportunity to buy an e-scoot at super low introduction prices. You can pick from one of the 40 colours above, along with three choices of leather saddle (black, white & brown) and one of the 3 different models we have on offer. 

Beagle ES1 – has a built in battery, so is best for people who have access to a power supply outdoors or in a garage

Beagle ES2 – has a removable battery – so is best if you live in a flat or don’t have electricity readily available outside. (we also have found it quite handy to allow the scooter to charge while you’re at work….)

Beagle ES2gt – has 2 removable batteries, so is for anyone who doesn’t want to charge too often, or would like to go on longer journeys. 

Who can ride an e-scoot?
Who can ride an e-scoot?

We have a wide range of accessories to customise your e-scoot and will be getting a stock of parts and accessories in the UK. All e-scoots have a 1 year warranty, and the batteries all have a 2 year warranty.

We are going to order a minimum of 1 container of scooters for Kickstarter –  which is what you’re hopefully going to be buying!

Once they are ordered we will keep you posted on where your scoot is all the way from the factory to your door. All the costs are included here, apart from registering the scooter with the DVLA. This costs £55 and we’ll tell you when its time to do it (and how to do it…. to be honest we will probably even be able to do most of it for you). 

If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you! 

Risks and challenges

We have signed contracts on levels of quality with our suppliers and they are working directly to our specifications, so we’re hopeful that this will mitigate further risks to this shipment.

We’ve worked really hard to make sure that all the risks around the scooter as a product are as minimal as possible, so we’re confident that everything there will be ok.

The reason we’ve launched with a Kickstarter is that we don’t know quite how long the scoots will take to deliver, so it could be a couple of weeks later than we are predicting (currently June). So patience would be most appreciated there.

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