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Mar 20, 2017 8:00 AM ET Pre-IPO Equity Offering

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017 Pre-IPO Equity Offering

Main is a fast growing and the most profitable (2016 revenue 3M€, 2016 EBITDA 17% and 2014-2016 CAGR: 58%) Content Marketing company in Finland. Its unique product offering is related to Native Advertising for small and midsize companies. – Pre-IPO Equity Offering Inc. is the leader in Native Advertising in Finland. Our mission is simple: reinventing content marketing by software.

As such, we’ve built the most effective Native Advertising Campaigns for marketers to master the art and science of content marketing. We use software helping marketers to understand their target audience, choose the correct media channels, optimise content and measure the impact of their marketing efforts. We are the only company delivering content marketing innovation at the rapid speed needed to face the demands of an ever-changing digital world.

Marketers need to make a shift from “telling and selling” to “native sharing”. helps to reach this goal through increasing relevance, trading cynicism for trust, and embedding brands firmly into the natural content consumption of buyers. At, we strive to help marketers achieve high levels of purpose-driven native advertising. has created the most advanced offering for native advertising in the world.

We help marketers to avoid getting ignored without being distractive. works across multiple industry sectors including automotive, beauty & health, consumer goods & ICT, financial services, manufacturing, retail and tourism, focusing on small and midsize companies.


The Most Profitable Content Marketing Company in Finland is a fast growing company in the marketing services field for small and midsize companies in Finland. is uniquely combining modern digital content marketing and native advertising to a high value added and easy to buy offering. The majority of companies in the lucrative SMB segment will be embracing content marketing and native digital solutions during the next few years. The Finnish market is characterised by traditional low margin low growth agency businesses (median EBITDA 5,7%) which generally seem to be incapable of taking their offering to the next level.

  • 2016 revenue 3M€ and target revenue 2018 10M€
  • 2016 EBITDA 17% (0,5M€)
  • 2014-2016 CAGR: 58% (without M&A)

The funds collected from crowdfunding are intended to be used for planned mergers and acquisitions (M&A), organic growth, as well as to improve cash flow management in strong growth. We envision a possibility to enter the public markets in 2018. 

The Turnaround; Elements of Success

  • Turnaround took place 2014-2015 when offering focus switched to digital driven Native Advertising from traditional content marketing and through the turnaround tapped into the rapidly growing digital marketing investments. This meant not only an increase in the amount of clients, but also an increase in the average customer value.   
  • Focusing to deliver added value omni-channel solutions for SMB segment
  • Team of 21, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland

Main owners: MarTech Specialists ( Ville Maila and Markus Ståhlberg (  and Co-founder Olli Maila (not involved in operative business). 

Our services offers turnkey solutions for content driven native advertising. With, clients get an easy access not only to world class content distribution but also to professional content creation. The solution combines the offering of various agencies, such as ad agency, digital agency, content marketing agency and media agency to one very cost efficiently and without requiring much resources from clients. consultants advise clients on the content strategy, editorial, design and production teams put the content together in an attractive package, whether textual or video based and rapidly after an average lead time of 1 week, the content is ready for getting published at the selected time to desired audiences natively online as well as traditionally within print. 

Native advertising means publishing content, whether textual or video, within the media so that it blends into the editorial content of the media. This means it is not distractive, but instead becomes part of the content consumption experience related to the media. The benefits of Native Advertising over traditional advertising are clear – First, content marketing is generally more powerful than advertising as it conveys more versatile brand and product value propositions both emotionally and rationally- and second, the native format of the content ensures the audience notices the content as it doesn’t appear as distractive advertising. 

Our market operates in both B2B and B2C marketing spaces. Both content marketing and native advertising are growing rapidly and we are addressing especially the growing demand for both areas within the lucrative Small and Middle Sized Businesses sector in Finland. The SMB market has huge potential since many companies are just now starting to take steps towards the digital transformation of their marketing and will be expanding their mainly website and Google adwords driven strategies towards content and native advertising. Total expected market size in Finland is 50M€ based on competitor analysis. The art and science of trend tracking – success is based following data insights:

Our customers customers currently can be categorized into B2B, B2C marketers as well as to NGO’s and Government organizations. Additional segmentation can be done based on company size (annual revenue and/or employee count). Currently the SMB sector consists of roughly 60% of revenues, 20% from large companies and the rest from NGO’s and Government organizations. In terms of industries, has clients from almost all industries because the offering is very scalable for all active marketers.


Our team

The magic behind our success is in our growing number of the managing partners. We think Win-Win – We are sharing the success with our managing partners and clients. Our Partners (shareholders) are our unique force to create ideas, industry expertise and best practices. We are a 21 people strong team based in Helsinki with a solid Board of Directors.

Experienced Board of Directors

Fluid Portfolio of Roles and Each Board Member’s Equity is Involved


Markus Ståhlberg

Member of the Board (June, 2014)

MarTech specialist and founder of Successful serial entrepreneur – previous exit .PROMO in 06/2015 Master of Computer Science with ability to solve problems fast with product innovation


Ville Maila

Member of the Board (June, 2014)

MarTech specialist and founder of Successful serial entrepreneur – previous exit .PROMO in 06/2015 Unique skill on 2 years ahead technology solutions


Olli Maila

Chairman (Oct, 2007)

Founder of Oy 9 years experience of SMB segment customer development at Oy Strong background in content production and easy-to-buy productualization


Ville Leppäaho

CEO, Member of the Board (Feb, 2017)

CEO of

One of the most experienced professional in SMB segment’s customer development

Managing corporate governance and organisational scaling

Contact Information:

Markus Ståhlberg - Member of the Board

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