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Mar 20, 2017 6:05 AM ET

Ben Noir’s French Cabaret Tour

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

Ben Noir’s French Cabaret Tour

Ben Noir’s French Cabaret  journey began with a song. A french song sung on Bastille day 2004 to his Grandfather. Since then, many more songs were sung and performances such as appearing in the hit film Moulin Rouge as an acrobatic stunt double and sailing across the stadium of the sydney Olympics but after living in Switzerland for some time Ben became fluent in French. 

Since his return, the album was recorded and  his show developed  from events experienced living in Europe and was successfully performed at venues in Paris, the Basement in Sydney, Red Bennies in Melbourne and venues in Geelong. It has involved many unique and talented performers – some who have lived and worked in Paris performing in  the Moulin Rouge and Lido de Paris. 

The album is a unique  collaboration with countless hours spent recording producing and releasing the album. 

On the back of its highly successful launch and fantastic feedback, Ben Noir and his troupe are now embarking of a tour to Melbournes highly noted Butterfly Club as well as performances in Canberra and Albury/Wodonga. 

Talks are also in place to take the show back to Paris – where it all began!



The Challenges

The greatest challenge in any production is the outlay of costs without the guarantee that audiences will commit!

As ticket sales generate the income it is always a risk to outlay funds – particularly on a tour out of a home city. Marketing and promotion will be a priority but it is also essential to pay the performers who put in hard work and also sacrifice their own regular income to make the show happen!

Much of the production costs have already been spent on the production of the album. I believe that I have a great product and very entertaining show, but need the financial backing to keep the show going!

Contact Information:

Ben Palumbo

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