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Mar 17, 2017 3:45 PM ET

Queen of the Forest Organic Products: Our main goal is to promote Rainforest Prosperity.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 17, 2017

Queen of the Forest Organic Products

New York, NY 08008, US

Our main goal is to promote Rainforest Prosperity. We act as a bridge between Indigenous tribes and communities of the Forest and modern civilization, so that the energy and prosperity can circulate to the rainforest and healing and medicines to the

Mission Statement
QuenoftheForest Natural Products was created to promote rainforest prosperity. For decades people of the forest sell away their lands because they don’t have a way to survive in it. Their children see the shining things of the world and they want to have them. As Ayahuasca, Rapé, Sananga, the music and culture that go along with it get more popular throughout the world, the more the indigenous youth want to continue perpetuating their own culture.

At the same time, these medicines we use and promote help the westerners to light up their light and their world. It helps to bring spirit back into the consciousness of the people and to help them to turn back to nature and to a simpler way of life.

It’s a positive cycle of giving and receiving that goes on and on until it reaches all who buy products or donate to our projects thus helping this positive cycle continue to grow and manifest a better world for our children.

Products / Services

Indigenous Art, Herbal Products

We sell products that come from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. A few years back our owner and founder Marcio Dias started spreading the knowledge he received from his elders. Over time, he created a market for the products that he offered and as his influence grew in the UNited States more and more of his apprentices started consuming these products and spreading them through their own circles. Soon enough it became a hot commodity now sold on ebay, amazon among other places. Indigenous Snuffs, Bracelets, Herbal Medicines from the Forest among other products.



Chief Business Development
Marcio T Dias

Marcio has worked as a Business Development Consultant for more than 15 years and he has created successful enterprises from scratch more than once. He has brought queen of the forest from a home business to sales of over 100000/year without a budget whatsoever. His talents are social media promotions, SEO, web development and strategic business vision and development.


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Marcio T Dias

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