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Mar 17, 2017 2:42 PM ET

Archived: Essential Theatre to Edinburgh: A proud independent theatre company and excited to be standing strong in this rewarding yet challenging industry.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 17, 2017

Essential Theatre to Edinburgh

Essential Theatre began it’s creative journey in 1999.  We are a proud independent theatre company and excited to be standing strong in this rewarding yet challenging industry.

Our continued presence is not by chance though – in 2002 we created our program “Shakespeare in the Vines” and we are very pleased it has grown from strength to strength.  This  yearly program has ensured the longevity of our ambitious and entrepreneurial theatre company.


We have a great sense of pride as we face 2017 celebrating 15 years of touring.  In this age of uncertainty in arts and arts funding, we have been able to not only stay alive, but continue to create opportunities for numerous Aussie artists, directors, and designers.  


So why Julius Caesar? And why all females?

Well, as female producers and artists we constantly face the gender gap – the fact that on average there is only one female role to every four male roles in the canon of Shakespeare’s works. So we thought – let’s flip it around.  What would happen if Julius Caesar was a female senator in a matriarchal society…thus the conversations began.


This production has had three successful seasons, Melbourne, Adelaide and Geelong.  It has been praised for it’s “sharp dramatic blows” and “piercing succinctness”.  


Now in our 15th year of producing Shakespeare the time is right for us to take this powerful show to the world’s largest Fringe Festival, Edinburgh.  We have a fabulous performance space waiting for us.  We just need to get there now!

How The Funds Will Be Used

$20,000 will be divided into three major categories – 


Flights – 6 return flights to Edinburgh = $11,400

Accomodation – 2 weeks in Edinburgh = $4,550

Venue Hire – 2 weeks  at thespace@Niddry = $4,050

The Challenges

As a self funded company we don’t have a spare 20k to fund this creative venture.  

We know this is going to take hard work BUT we are a dedicated bunch of fierce and fiery women committed to excellence.

With your help we can celebrate independent Australian theatre practitioners on the global stage!  

We have a great space secured off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh waiting for us – now we need you.

We have never run a campaign like this before, we were waiting for the right moment – and this is it – please press PLEDGE NOW

Contact Information:

Sophie Lampel

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