Mijo Biscan New Album: A singer and song writer from Melbourne, Australia. I live for music. It's what I think about from the moment I wake up to the moment I drift off at night. - iCrowdNewswire

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Mar 16, 2017 8:17 PM ET

Mijo Biscan New Album: A singer and song writer from Melbourne, Australia. I live for music. It’s what I think about from the moment I wake up to the moment I drift off at night.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 16, 2017

Mijo Biscan New Album

Hi, I’m Mijo.  I’m a singer and song writer from Melbourne, Australia. I live for music. It’s what I think about from the moment I wake up to the moment I drift off at night.



When I am writing, recording or performing music I feel the most connected to myself and the world. It turns out that when other people hear my music they get that same sense of connection to themselves. That is a magical thing and a truly enriching human experience. I feel grateful to be involved in that.



In case you haven’t watched the video, my story started when I got my first guitar on my 11th birthday and all the way up to releasing albums with my band Lamplight and touring with artists like  Gotye, Clare Bowditch, Missy Higgins and Tommy Emmanuel.


I’m chuffed that they’ve had some pretty nice things to say about my music too…


“I’ve  been a fan of Mijo Biscan’s music for over 10 years, since seeing his  remarkable album launch in 2005. I got to know Mijo better over the last  few years by sharing some time together during a GOTYE tour around  Europe. We get along very well and share a strong musical connection.”



“Mijo is a very talented song-writer. Mijo’s best work and his widening reputation are still ahead of him.”




It’s time to take the next step in my musical journey.

It’s time to make a solo Mijo Biscan album.


Over the last year I have demoed 22 of the 40+ songs I have written for this album project in Gotye’s studio. I’ve done some recording with a 3-piece band and now I’m ready to lay down the best album I’ve ever made. So far, the band consists of Danny McKenna on drums (Jeff Lang, Mia Dyson, Marlon Williams and my ideal choice) and Tristan Courtney on bass (Black Chords and Tiger and me).


I’ve now picked the songs for the album and am ready to make a killer record to take my career to the next level and for your listening pleasure. :)



Rewards. What’s in it for you?


I’m asking you to jump on board the process of making it come to life. In return for your generous contribution to this project, I have some great rewards on offer. Check out the rewards to the right of this page for full details.



Mijo, I want IN! What do I do next?


1. Take a minute to check out the list of rewards.

2. Choose a reward and get on board!

3. Feel the warm and fuzzies for supporting me and this project knowing that you have something cool coming your way soon.

4. Share this project on your social media sites, email some buddies who might get a kick out of it.

5. Get ready for a second round of warm and fuzzies to hit you!


To share this project, please use this link:




There are a number of great reasons to pledge your support.


The reason this project is so important to do right now is that I’m  heading to Europe later in the year to do extensive touring and  showcasing my music to set up industry connections to record labels,  managers, booking agents, promoters, festivals. It’s crucial that I have  something killer to show them when I get there. I really want to make  the best album I can.


1. Support the power of music.  There are songs on this album that deal with some big topics like death, relationships gone bad as well us uplifting songs about the preciousness of life.


2. Power to the people. These days with this incredible platform of Pozible, I can go directly to you, my fans, friends and family to bring fuel to this dream and this project. Let’s use it.


3. It will make you feel sooooo good, to know that your funds are going towards creating a great album that will get toured all over the world and have a positive impact on the world.


4. I won’t forget it. I am grateful for it. This may translate into an airport run, I’ll get the coffee tab or a warm embrace of thanks when we meet.



If you are not familiar with how Pozible and crowd funding works, you can make a pledge now and it will only be processed if the project reaches its goal of $10,000. If we don’t reach that goal, then nothing happens. If we do reach the goal, you get a great gift of your choosing.



A few reviews of past releases


“Moody, heartbreaking, stunning, fucking epic.”

– Beat Magazine


“Fantastic haunting pop. There are Buckley-esque tones to the vocals – perfect   for  the soaring melodies. Lovely warm, acoustic instrumentation. Defo   one  for fans of Augie March, Mum, Beirut etc.”

– Dan Buhagiar, Triple J


Thanks in advance for your support. I cant wait to get in the studio and make this beautiful thing and share it with you once it’s done.

How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds will primarily be used to cover the costs of the A-class musicians, producer and studio costs. I will be covering a large portion of the costs, but I can’t cover it all and it’s important that I don’t cut corners and compromise on quality. That just never works out in the end.


The current overall cost of the project comes to $28,648-.


Um.. yeah, you can see why I need your help on this one. I don’t currently have that sitting between my couch cushions. :)


Breakdown of costs are:


The Challenges

I have the songs, a great band, industry network connections, tons of live performance experience and the drive and commitment to pull it off. The biggest challenge I have had in moving this project forward really comes down to the funds.


The second challenge I have is in promoting this campaign to as many people as possible. This is where I would love your help to overcome this challenge. Once you have contributed, please share this project in all the ways you know how and are comfortable doing. This is where this project gets its power. I can’t do it all on my own, so I’m reaching out to you to reach out to your friends and to help me reach my goal!


You can also check out more and connect with me at:


My website










Thank you for taking time to watch and read all this. I salute you.



Contact me with any questions at [email protected]


Let’s get this done! :)


Big love,



Contact Information:

Mijo Biscan

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