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Mar 15, 2017 5:24 PM ET

Archived: Putting Our Dream In Motion. Together: We believe in mobility, agility and growth and are working extra hard towards realising our dream of putting our brand on wheels!

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 15, 2017

Putting Our Dream In Motion. Together.

CheesySteaks, a loved and enjoyed gourmet food brand is looking to expand it’s services by taking their services to the people! We believe in mobility, agility and growth and are working extra hard towards realising our dream of putting our brand on wheels! Be a part of this exciting journey and help put our dream in motion!

About This Project


CheesySteaks is an up and coming gourmet food brand that specializes in delicious Philly Cheesesteaks that have an African twist in them and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. We fulfill distinct event needs with excitement and creativity, the finest quality ingredients, and picture – perfect gourmet food that burst with flavor.


A bit of background and the idea behind Cheesy Steaks – In 2014 Noxolo Peter, the founder of CheesySteaks, had the privilege to represent South Africa and her community at the Business and Entrepreneurship Envision Global Forum that was held in the United States of America.

During the programme, she happened to try out the best Philly Cheesesteak in the whole of America, and all this took place at the famous Jims’ Steaks in central Philadelphia. The taste and experience was so good, she decided to come back home with the recipe and started making cheesesteaks for close family and friends. The same people then pushed and encouraged her to turn her passion into a business and the rest is well.. history.

Current Events and Contracts

We are currently food vendors at the following Markets: Trip Switch Market (Pretoria), Jozi Real Food Market (Johannesburg) and the Midrand Theme Market (Johannesburg) and the response we receive from the public is just overwhelming! We have also been involved in once off events, both private and public and one of these was the Tshwane Arts Hub Festive (Pretoria). CheesySteaks offers the client a whole new experience from our unconventional way of making them, to the customer experiencing a burst of different, extraordinary flavors.

Current shortcomings

·       We are not very accessible. We would like to give the rest of the country the unforgettable CheesySteaks experience, however with the equipment we currently have it is difficult to reach certain parts of the country.

·       Our currently equipment is mainly household apparatus therefore it becomes a challenge to cater for very large crowds.

Our Plea

Please help us realise our dream by making a contribution to our project: to put CheesySteaks on wheels! With your contribution, CheesySteaks will put down a deposit on a food truck that will help us fulfill our demands and realise our dream of taking CheesySteaks to the people and place it on a whole new level.


Milestone 1: Tipping Point (R45 000)

The money raised from our tipping point will be used to put down a deposit for a food truck that comes with a mobile kitchen, apparatus and utensils. We have completed our market analysis as well as a price comparison of the available food trucks in the country that are up for purchse. The most affordable truck we found goes for R199 000 if we put down a deposit of R45 000 it decreases our monthly installment extensively, and this will enable us to do a whole lot more with our revenue and utlimately give you the best offering.

Milestone 2: Dream Funding Goal (R100 000)

We have set our dream funding goal to R100 000 which is basically 50% of the price of our desired food truck. We believe that the more we put down as a deposit for the food truck, the less monthly installment fees we will pay and the faster we will pay it off. The main goal is to pay it off as fast as possible so that we can minimise the costs of the business and this will help us spend more money on the advancement of our services as well as the product itself. So in a nutshell, we are trying to minimise our costs to make sure you, our customer, are happy and satisfied with our offering.


The Team

Our vibrant team is very dynamic and made up of young individuals that have experience in various disciplines of life. From marketing to banking and many more. We all bring our different expertise to the team to make that the CheesySteaks brand is fun and engaging while making sure that our main offering is one of a kind.

Noxolo Peter- Founder and Queen of The Grill. As the foundation of the team she ensures that the sirloin steak, which is the foundation of the cheesy steak sandwich, is cooked just right while infusing all the ingredients that give it the unique African twist. She sure does bring the heat.

Zanokuhle Nkosi- Finance and All Things Sauce. Zanokuhle is the main reason CheesySteaks lives to fight another day by making sure our financials are in order. He is also the main man behind the secret weapon of CheesySteaks. I mean what would CheesySteaks be without that secret provolone cheese sauce huh?

Tshepo Shongwe – Creative and Final Touches. Besides working on the CheesySteaks brand, Tshepo doesn’t have a real position. I mean all he does is take the CheesySteaks speciality sandwich and sprinkle fancy things on it, how tough could that be. At least he makes sure our offering is presentable.

Mphoentle Sebaeng – Social media and Front of House. Mpho ensures that our Cheesteakers know exactly where to find us during weekends. When you do make it to the event she is the front of the house making sure that you receive your cheesesteak just the way you like it.

Mpho Mosia-Qithi – Organizer and All Things in Between. Mpho brings a maternal element to the group, making sure that everything goes smoothly, from ensuring that we have been allocated enough space at the venue, to having all the apparatus and ingredients in place and making sure that team stays fed, hydrated and happy.

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