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Mar 14, 2017 9:22 AM ET

Geekees – Share your passions! Whatever your passions, Geekees allows you to help others achieve their goals by inspiring them or giving them tips in a 100% free app!

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 14, 2017

About this project

What is Geekees?

Geekees is the result of a revolutionary idea that has germinated in the spirit of an experienced entrepreneur and takes shape thanks to a passionate team of 5 people. The founder and his team aim to offer an innovative, efficient and 100% free application.


Bring together in a single application passionate people from all over the world and allow them to share or share their passions. Also, become a true inspiration for those who will take over.


Contribute to raising the level of knowledge of present and future generations by offering a rich application of information, educational and which gives the opportunity to make their dream a reality.


The collaboration of a dynamic team driven by several passions, sharing, exchange, solidarity and many other values ​​will advance the ideas or projects of other users in the community faster.


From knowledge to knowledge, from idea to realization, from problems to solutions, here’s what Geekees offers. An application to spread your ideas, tips or tricks on subjects that you are passionate about.

Why Geekees? Because everyone is driven by a passion, everyone is enthusiastic about sharing it, but no real platform brings together all the passionates in the same community.

For who?

From the online player to the mass media, to the students and the parents, alone or in a group, the artist or the scientist, everyone will find many benefits.

You are the inventor of the century, the scholarly student, a professor lacking of sharing knowledge, one of the best online players, a programmer, a graphic designer, a repairman, a passionate? Geekees is here for you.


Accessible on multiplatform, Geekees will be available to all, regardless of the age of the user and the method used to connect to it. Whether on a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or wherever a web browser exists, the application will be accessible, ergonomic, efficient and fluid.

The ability to customize interface colors, progressive loading of content and availability in 3.2 million cities around the world make it a fast, economical and environmentally friendly multi-language application that matches the values of individuals in general.


Geekees features are based on a solid structure, an effective communication system and a new kind of interface focused on user preferences rather than designers’ preferences.

An innovative and original user profile allows the community to know your passions, your experiences, your projects and your best interactions quickly while offering you customizable options.


Any concepts or ideas shared on the application will be protected for the benefit of the user, somehow an online vault to protect its concepts. A safe and easily accessible platform for all ages.

The Dashboard 

It’s the page in which you will find the summary of all the interactivities to which you have recently participated. It also gathers the list of your projects as well as your statistics in the application. You will see the total number of points, the number of points accumulated and the number of members who added you to favorites.

The Project Center 

The space at your disposal to present your current projects to the community. Whether for open source projects, proprietary projects, or to present your collections, your artistic products, and even your new company, the Project Center allows you to make yourself known.

Thanks to this space, you will share with collaborators, testers, investors and supporters. Regardless of the field of activity for which your project was designed and its development phase, it has its place in the Project Center. It is also an excellent tool to propel it into the market.

The Sharing Center

The page where you search for questions or discussions on topics that you are passionate about. You can also post a new question, write your opinion or describe a technique. Geekees offers a wide range of categories for all tastes and passions. You broaden your knowledge while making the community benefit from your knowledge.

The GKS points

The point system that allows you to receive rewards for your actions in Geekees.


Geekees is an application created for the user, which works through the user and reports to the user. It has never been so simple and rewarding to share his passions.


Thank you !

Your collaboration is very much appreciated. The assistance received will be used to finalize the project and soon to be commercialized online. See you soon in the Geekees community!

For more informations



Email: [email protected]


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  •  2017-03-02 – Start project on Kickstarter

Alone, you move more faster, but together we will go further!


Risks and challenges

The challenge is to bring together a mass of people simultaneously on the application to create an active community!

Build a solid relationship circle.

Find projects for project center.

Contact Information:

Creologik Lab Studio

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