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Mar 12, 2017 11:39 AM ET

Archived: Melbourne: Australian Design Collective – With the Earth choking from mass-produced and environmentally unsound manufacturing, we aim to encourage shoppers to buy cleanly and locally

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 12, 2017

Australian Design Collective

The Australian Design Collective represents the best and freshest local artists, designers, and makers, focusing on handmade and sustainably-produced goods, and we are seeking funds to open a retail store to further promote our creatives.


With the Earth choking from mass-produced and environmentally unsound manufacturing, we aim to encourage shoppers to buy cleanly and locally. We believe consumers are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint and are actively seeking alternatives to Earth-polluting products. This is where handmade comes in.



Our makers cover a diverse range of products, including Art and Ilustration, Fashion Design and Accessories, Ceramics, Homewares,  Jewellery, Toys, and Childrenswear.  We represent makers in many different stages of their career,

from up-and-coming creatives straight out of Art and Design school to seasoned and experienced artists and craftspeople.



Most of our creatives sell their wares at Design fairs and markets, but this is becoming an increasingly expensive venture with big fairs charging hundreds ( sometimes thousands) of dollars for stall spaces.  


The ADC store will bring the look and feel of a Design fair to a retail space, and Melbourne shoppers sure love a market!

Our store will be a great place to browse fabulous handmade items all week long instead of waiting for special events.  

It will also give shoppers the opportunity to meet the makers behind the designs and learn more about their process.



                                                          About the Founder of Australian Design Collective – Sarah Gully


I studied Painting and Printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.  

After graduating I opened a vintage clothing store which I ran successfully for 6 years.  I sold the business and moved to Japan, where I lived for 6 years, working as a teacher and illustrator as part of an Art and Design Collective.  

I continued to exhibit my work upon my return to Melbourne, and started a new handmade business, ‘Palooka handmade’, in which I design and make toys, illustration prints and cards and other products, and this has been very successful on etsy and at Design fairs. ( I was a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards.)

I have enough retail experience to ensure the success of the Collective Store, and love promoting ethical shopping and other Australian creatives.


How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds we are seeking for the store will go towards shop bond and first months rent, shop fitout, insurance, and advertising.


$4000        First months rent


$4000        Shop bond


$2000        Shop fitout


$1000        Insurance


$500          Shop Signage


$500          Promotion and advertising


$12,000  is the minimum we need to get our store up and running.  Any contributions received above this amount will go towards more shop fittings and promotion.

The Challenges

Opening a retail store in a climate of online shopping may seem counter-intuitive, but Handmade products are different.

This is one area where shoppers still want to shop in person, so they can have the experience of seeing, touching, and in some cases, smelling! the products.

And as in Design fairs, shoppers have the added bonus of meeting the creators in person.

Contact Information:

Sarah Gully

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