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Archived: WeKanCode, Worldwide Technology Firm Launched by Young Millennials, Announces Launch of WKC Ventures

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Launched by two millennials who identified a gap in the coding market have allied forces to serve clients in the United States, Europe, and Latin America

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES — WeKanCode, a technology development and coding company offering technology support to entrepreneurs and businesses announces today their latest platform for clients, WKC Ventures. WKC Ventures serves as a venture facilitator for start-ups nationwide. Pablo Jimenez and Sathya Nellore Sampat, the brains behind the concept seek to prepare start-ups with all the different elements their client’s business requires, from product design and development, to business advisory and even introductions seed capital.

Through WKC Ventures the company identifies ideas with great potential for success and offers support as a technology partner, helping them navigate the challenging startup environment, and facilitating introductions to investors. Under this structure, WeKanCode becomes an instrumental extension of their client’s teams, helping the client define clear and optimal product road mapping, feature definition and feature prioritization, infrastructure consulting and market testing. Additionally, WeKanCode will expand into a consulting model, with multiple products to aid their clients in their go-to market strategies within the next couple of months.


“Our vision is to create innovative technology solutions for real life business problems, unlocking access to high-quality and affordable technology, by partnering with promising early-stage ventures.”

— Sathya Nellore Sampat


America’s spirit of innovation is a major reason why the U.S. economy is the strongest and most durable in the world, and it has inspired admiration from across the globe for generations.

WeKanCode envisions becoming the leading technology investment firm fueling innovation and capitalizing on upcoming trends across industries and markets on a global scale. WeKanCode’s focus is driven by user experience through technology solutions for business in the health, wellness, entertainment, and philanthropic environment.

“Our vision is to create innovative technology solutions for real life business problems,” said Sathya Nellore Sampat, co-founder of WeKanCode. “As a firm, our goal is to unlock access to high-quality and affordable technology, offering a fair partnership to promising early-stage ventures. Additionally, we aim to leverage a diverse network of investors and strategic partnerships in order to ease the access to capital for these startups,” he added.

Their multilingual team serves clients in Europe, Asia and across the United States, strategically positioning WeKanCode at arms length from their clients, while providing the opportunity to propel them into new global markets.

“We are two millennials who identified a gap in the market and allied forces in 2014. We strongly believe that any good business needs a strong technology partner. This is why we don’t just provide development resources, but also invest in ideas we believe in and provide business advisory support on a case-to-case basis,” said Pablo Jimenez Godoy, co-founder of WeKanCode. “Our client’s success is our success, so we implement a 360 partnership model approach to ensure their road to success,” he added.

WeKanCode’s client portfolio includes health and wellness start-up GreenHopping, the “AirBnB for horses” Staller, prediction platform for soccer fans Lapporra, short film content platform Little Shows, among others. To view their full list of clients please seewww.wekancode.com/work.

“As we continue to grow, we will keep pursuing and investing in different areas of emerging technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented reality – all while maintaining an appetite for philanthropic and impactful ventures,” added Jimenez Godoy. “It’s important for us to lend a hand to entrepreneurs with a dream,” added Nellore Sampat.

To learn more about WeKanCode, please visit www.wekancode.com.

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About WeKanCode
WeKanCode is a technology development and coding company offering technology support to entrepreneurs and businesses alike, and is located in New York City, London, Chennai, and Paris. It was co-founded by Pablo Jimenez Godoy and Sathya Nellore Sampat.

About WKC Ventures
WKC Ventures serves as a technology arm and a venture facilitator for start-ups worldwide. WKC Ventures, launched in 2016, identifies ideas with great potential for success and offers support as a technology partner in exchange for equity and a reduced cash component.

About Pablo Jimenez Godoy
Pablo is a Venezuelan tech-entrepreneur with a strong background in business and finance. He co-founded his first startup, a biometric payments solutions provider, during his undergraduate studies at LÉcole Superieure du Commerce Extérieur in Paris, France. He has a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business and finance. After two short experiences in M&A advisory, he quit the financial services industry in order to focus on technology and co-founded WeKanCode.

About Sathya Nellore Sampat
Sathya is an Indian tech-entrepreneur and co-founder of WeKanCode. He has previously worked at organizations like SonyATV, SiriusXM, and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He is passionate about building new businesses that can help solve real-life problems. He graduated from New York University (NYU) with a Master’s in Management and Systems and has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the College of Engineering, Guindy, India.



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