Vshore is a place of mobile socialize e-commerce, it combines e-commerce and social. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jan 11, 2017 6:33 PM ET

Vshore is a place of mobile socialize e-commerce, it combines e-commerce and social.

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 11, 2017


Mount Vernon, NY 10550, US
Information Technology Services

Vshore is a company, it was founded on 2013, we emphasize the importance of enterprise culture, try the our best to build a company which is full of dream and soul. We use the new-type creative management mode, encourage staff to create independently.

Vshore is place of mobile socialize e-commerce, it combine e-commerce and social. Using Vshore mobile app, you can trade to your friends, classmate, colleague, and your neighborhood online or offline, share some resources mood with your friends by having deal with them, compare the price, talking about experience, it’s a significant revolution(change) of mobile socialize e-commerce. Meanwhile, Vshore is not only a trade app, it’s also based on real personal data trade app, you can put on your states or finding new friends at any time. Vshore has strong function for chat, including function of send voice message. Vshore concentration on helping people to be an entrepreneur, to create more available resource and wealth by our own, using your courage and ability to prove your dream to the world

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vshore social e-commerce platform

vshore , is that organization and it will fulfill this dream by taking the simple idea of sharing, trading, buying and selling items with friends and neighbors into the social media experience so many people are now connected to. The idea of commerce among friends is not a new concept, since time began and in all cultures we have been sharing, trading and buying items. What vshore has successfully done is taken this natural way of conducting ourselves with people and made it into a social mobile business media experience.



Chief Executive Officer
Yaokun Wang

Yaokun (Nick) Wang —— CEOHe is the CEO and cofounder of vshore.He was born in 1994, and is a student in EFIA presently.He possesses two years of experiences in e-commerce.
Besides finishing out his schooling at EFIA he spends most of his day working on vshore.
Walter Goldman —— COOHe is the COO and general manager of vshore.
Presently owns the consulting firm Goldkap Consulting Group
Writer and adjunct professor teaching entrepreneur skills training in the tri-state area
Presently works with multiple start ups in pursuing growth and shareholder value
Dean Wagstaff —— CTO 3+ years experience developing iPhone applications Strong experience with objective-C, C++, Xcode, Cocoa,  and SQLExperience developing on Enterprise Platforms for major companiesGreat written and oral communication skills 
Nancy Du —- CFOThrough knowledge and extensive experience of Financial Management
Ten years accounting experiences focus in AP/AR/Bank Reconciliation/Payroll/Financial Reports/


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Diversified Communication Services


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Contact Information:

Yaokun Wang

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