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Oct 19, 2016 4:36 PM ET

Archived: Requiem for a Grieving Hero Vol.1 Dark Fantasy Graphic Novel: Ashe has always lived in the slums but that all changes when a mysterious girl shows him a dark future. How will he manage to stop it?

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 19, 2016

Requiem for a Grieving Hero Vol.1 Dark Fantasy Graphic Novel

Ashe has always lived in the slums but that all changes when a mysterious girl shows him a dark future. How will he manage to stop it?

About this project

What is Requiem about?

Ashe is a young man with a kind heart and a good friend. One day he is thrown into the outside world where he must face challenges that would destroy a normal person. Sacrifices must be made in order to become a legend. Will his kind heart survive the outside world, or will it consume him?



Wanna read the story online?


Hey everyone my name is Philip Miller and I am the owner of Leviathan Studio and writer for “Requiem for a Grieving Hero.” I started working on this series about 2 and a half years ago, but only started releasing content about 5 months ago.

I started at a young age by creating campaigns to play with my brother. I was raised on anime and fantasy novels as well as tabletop games. Two big anime for me back then that really made me want to create my own story were “Records of Lodoss wars” and “Berserk.”  Both of which were big influences in the making of “Requiem”.

I found myself creating “Requiem” after encouragement from a friend of mine. We got to talking about a campaign I had been working on for about a year. He thought it would be an interesting visual series and so I tried it out. My wonderful fiance helps with editing and I found an amazing art team by the name of House of Imagi who wanted to work with me on the series and for the next 6 months we worked hard to get the written ideas turned into visuals. My god was I blown away with seeing the characters in my head come to life. 

 Back and fourth week after week I created the material they needed and looked into what i needed to do to create a series and self publish it and week after week House of Imagi created images and eventually even pages. That was when I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

 Don’t know what kickbooster is?

Kick booster is a great site that allows you the pledger a way to earn revenue for helping us get funded. everytime you get someone to pledge to us using the link below you will earn 10% back from their pledge. This is a great way for us to get funded and you to be rewarded even further! 


Meet the artists behind Requiem!


Hi! I’m Iruu. I just started working as a free-lancer and I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m working on the sketchings and lineart for “Requiem for a Grieving Hero”. My favorite genre is fantasy, of course. I usually spend my free time reading novels & comics, watching drama and anime, and definitely doodling. I’m not too good with words, but please feel free to talk to me.”


 Wanna see more?

Deviantart – http://lurxneat.deviantart.com/ Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/iruumon


 My online name is HaryuDanto but you can call me Haryu. I am a free-lance illistrator that works with House of Imagi during the day. I like to do my own stuff during my free time though. Here are some examples.


 You can find more of my stuff here

DeviantARt – http://haryudanto.deviantart.com/ 

Pixiv – http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2909035

What is this Kickstarter for?

This is going to help turn the webtoons series, “Requiem for a Grieving Hero” into a 70 page 5 x 7.5 soft cover book. The first of hopefully many.

What is the money going towards?



Most of it will be going towards paying House of Imagi to create the chapters and artwork that will be delievered during the kickstarter. The second biggest portion goes towards paying to have the product created and shipped out. Of what’s left will go towards paying off Kickstarter and covering other fees we may have not forseen.

What are some of the rewards?



Who doesn’t like stickers? We are working on creating three  different styles and may even work on more if we have time. they will be 2″ x 4″



This is what we really like to give as a reward. We have had this image in our mind since the second it was created and we said to ourselves. Wittorf needs to be a button. they will be 1.5 inch buttons.

Digital Prints

Iruu the main artist of Requiem has agreed to create some amazing digital prints for Ashe, Wittorf and the Mysterious Girl to go with some of those rewards. I am amazed at the level of detail that will go into these and I hope you all enjoy them as well. An example of one of his headshots from this year! They will be 5. 7.5

Put yourself into the comic!

That’s right, you can join us in the Requiem world as a bystander or even a character that interacts with the main cast in someway! Whether it be a victim in need of help or a monster who is terrorizing them!

Advertise your graphic novel in our series!


I know how hard it is to advertise.  I myself am still learning but I remember reading manga as a child and even now and at the end of each book there was always a few advertisements for other graphic novels to look into. So we figured that it would be great to help other other creators to promote their own series at the end of our books! All advertisements must be SFW and fit the size of the novel. Only a limited amount though since we do not want to overwhelm people with them.

Add on

If you’re looking for specific items then the list below will help you out. Just send the amount of the tier you’re getting plus the cost of the add on and when the survey comes out let us know with items you’re looking to get.


Risks and challenges

-Creation of the physical product-
from our end we can guarentee everything will be drawn and ready to be converted. But sometimes the companies that make the items make mistakes. It is not common but if it does happen it may take a little extra time to get it sent out.

-Change of Address-
If you know your address is going to change before the product is sent out. Let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to get it sent to the new address.

-More backers than expected-
If we somehow get a large amount of backers it may take us a little extra time to pack and ship everything. I have some friends helping to minimize that as much as possible.

As a heads up, since this is our first kickstarter we are only shipping the the United States. Shipping fees are 7$ for all physical items.

Contact Information:

Leviathan Studio (Philip Miller)

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