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Oct 19, 2016 11:56 AM ET

Archived: Odoo Product Configurator – Do you offer customized products to your clients online? Give Odoo the power of customization

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 19, 2016
Odoo Product Configurator
Give Odoo the power of customization

Do you offer customized products to your clients online? Do you have a tool that makes sure no mistakes are made during customization? So you don’t have to? A tool that can get all the ideas from your client and automatically transfer it into workable data? So you don’t have to? The time spent generating and checking data can be put to better use. The new product configurator modules can do this job for you. Making no mistakes or wasting any time in the process.



  Compatibility rules – Prevent configuration errors with custom rules.

  Custom values – Numerical, Text, Attachment, Color etc.

  Backend & Frontend – Configure products in both interfaces.

  Generate BOM’s – Automatically generated Bill of Materials

  Visual – Images are shifted as configuration progresses

  Configuration Steps – Break all your options into as many steps as you want

  Compute prices – On the fly as you configure, the prices of the parts are added

  Extensible – Designed from the ground up for you to extend any feature

  Production ready – Ready for production and in production


If budget is reached the entire source code will published as AGPLv3

If budget is not reached only perks from Base and up will be delivered. The rest can choose between double their amount in discount or a refund.

Read more in FAQ


What do you get?



Base module on which you can build your own configurator. It serves as a dependency for both frontend and backend configurator.

It’s the foundation that ties everything together making sure all operations are done in only one place. This prevents redundancy and error for any configurator interface based on it.


Backend Configurator


Odoo Backend Configurator


Generate products straight from your backend document. On your sales order, manufacturing order or any document for that matter. 

Using an Odoo native dynamic wizard you are guided through the configuration process. And the entire structure is generated on the fly based on the properties you set on the product template (Attributes, Images, Configuration Rules, Steps etc).


Website Configurator


Odoo Website Configurator


The website configurator is fully integrated with the e-commerce module. Your customers can configure and visualize your product.

Best of all they will see it develop before their eyes and have the price displayed for each change they make. And at the end, you get a error-free product that is generated for you with all related data.

No time lost or frustration to you users. All you have to do is confirm the order.


*Check out our videos displayed above for more details.*


Anything else?

How about time and money?

  • Every second you spend checking a customer configuration you lose time and money.
  • Every second you spend creating a product, bill of materials or adding prices you loose time and money.
  • Every mistake made by you or your customer during configuration or generation of products your lose time and money.
  • A long and complex ordering process can drive your customers away and can increase the number of your returns.

What about a solution that solves all of this for you at the speed of a click. How much is that worth to you?



  • MRP Enhancements
    •  Support more complex bom structures for advanced manufacturing.
  • Support Wizard
    1. Assistance wizard to help the user configure and navigate faster.
  • Themes & Building Blocks
    1. It’s already easy to change the layout but with building blocks and themes it will be effortless.
  • WebGL Configurator
    1. The best possible user experience in product customization can be achieved only through a strong visual approach such as this one. And we would love to bring it to Odoo.


Why us and why Odoo?


Odoo is the leader in opensource ERP systems. And our main focus is to find solutions where the standard is not enough.

For example in Austria only 3 companies have been granted the license to handle waste in the entire Austrian territory in 2015. 

One of them is a customer of ours. And they are using Odoo.

Developed in collaboration with the Austrian partner WT-IO-IT a Waste Management System is producing and handling more than 13.000 incoming invoices for controlling and more than 3.500 outgoing invoices each year. The results speak for themselves.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will it be released?

A1: If the campaign reaches the budget: 2 weeks after the campaign ends the source code will be published.

A2: If the campaign does not reach the budget and you got the Base perk or higher you will get the module from the perk instantly after signing the license agreement.

Q: What if I got a perk lower than the ‘Base’ and the campaign does not reach the budget?

A: You will get double the amount you donated in discount from the retail price after the campaign ends or a full refund before the campaign ends.

Q: What license will it have?

A1: If the campaign reaches the budget the license will be AGPLv3 for everyone

A2: If the campaign does not reach it’s budget the license will be closed source for backers with ‘Base’ Perk and above.

Q: What Odoo version does it support?

A: V8V9 and soon V10.

Q: Does it work with Odoo Enterprise?

A: Yes

Spread the word!

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Thank you for your support!


Contact Information:

Paul Catinean

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