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Oct 19, 2016 9:02 AM ET

Archived: Farm Stores – America’s oldest and largest drive-thru grocery store chain now franchising.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 19, 2016

Farm Stores

America’s oldest and largest drive-thru grocery store chain now franchising



Farm Stores is a combination grocery store, bakery and restaurant, all with the convenience of drive-thru service.  Farm Stores replaces the 10 items or less check out lane of you local Supermarket. Whether you need fresh eggs or produce, hot snacks for hungry kids or even a delicious smoothie, Farm Stores delivers in the most convenient way possible. Just drive up, order and drive off.  No parking, ever.

Farm Stores has been serving Florida neighborhoods since 1957, and we’re now 67 locations strong. But now, for the first time ever, we’re opening the Farm Stores opportunity to entrepreneurial spirits across the country. In the $700 billion grocery market, Farm Stores is the most unique opportunity available.


Farm Stores has been delivering America’s favorite grocery brands in the most convenient way possible for nearly 60 years.

We were born in an era when supermarket cashiers knew your name and asked you how last week’s family reunion went.

When there were only three channels on television, and William Shatner had just begun taking audiences where no man had been before. When Lucy was making America laugh, and Ed Sullivan was beaming Hollywood stars right into our living rooms.

That’s where we started, and we’ve been serving groceries to our loyal customers ever since.


Fast forward to today.

To the frantic mornings and the long commutes.

The milkman no longer delivers.  Mom and dad are both working, families locked their doors. To the blurry line between work and life. To the schedules ever-so-carefully calibrated by a calendar app.

Back in the leisurely days of I Love Lucy, people loved the freshness and the convenience of Farm Stores. Today, that convenience is no longer a luxury. It’s an imperative.

And we’re the only grocer that can save families time.


With Farm Stores, it’s just this easy: 

We have everything you need. We’ll load it right into your car. And we’ll do it all, on average, in one to three minutes.

Grocery shopping has never been this easy.

And soon, it’s going to get even easier with the upcoming release of our smartphone app. Just order from your phone, drive up and we’ll load you up, so you can get home to work on that work-life balance.


We have all the brands you love, and all the freshness you demand. Milk, produce, eggs and everything else you need. It’s all here.

Hungry kids in the back seat? We’ve got you covered there, too, with soft serve ice cream and smoothies and mini-cones full of warm empanadas and cheese bread. Delicious.


For the first time in our 60-year history, we’re opening the door to franchisees. We’ve been a family favorite in Florida for more than half a century, and our customers love us.

In fact, 80 percent of our customers visit us every week.

Now’s the time to be part of this iconic brand, and to help spread the Farm Stores vision throughout America. We’re the only combination grocery, bakery and restaurant with drive-thru convenience.

And by helping Farm Stores expand across the country, you’ll be taking advantage of an incredible opportunity.

Supermarkets haven’t evolved in over a century. Luckily, we created a model that’s perfect for today’s busy world, and we did it 60 years ago. Now’s your chance to be part of the first disruption in the grocery market in decades.


We recently sold:

  • Five (50) store Area Representative development territories, including South Florida, New Jersey and Houston, Texas
  • (20) Single Unit Franchises, including Gainesville and Tallahassee, FL and Lafayette, LA
  • The leasehold interest in 14 locations

After the transition to a franchise-operated format, we invested nearly $60,000 in the development and installation of new cloud-based point-of-sale systems in each of the franchisee locations, ensuring that rapid growth and deployment is built into the Farm Stores opportunity at ground level.

The system includes:

  • Detailed inventory management
  • Extensive reporting
  • Built-in marketing solutions (mobile app integration)

It works on a variety of platforms, and it’s the reason Farm Stores and its franchisees can scale so quickly.

We’ve made a number of other key investments and got the ball rolling on strategic initiatives to prepare for the opportunity. The groundwork is laid, and it’s time to build.

Ready to hear what’s next for Farm Stores Franchising? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this section to find out!


Carlos is the CEO of both Farm Stores Corporation and Gardner’s Super Markets, Inc. A Loyola University graduate, he earned his MBA from the University of Miami before joining Farm Stores’ predecessor in in 1997 as CFO. He also served as the CFO of United Petroleum Corporation before returning to manage Farm Stores as its President and CEO. He’s served as a Board member of Associated Grocers of Florida, as President and CFO of The Bared Company and as President of the Construction Financial Management Association.

Maurice received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami in 1992 before joining Farm Stores’ predecessor as Director of Development and Special Projects. In 1998, he became the EVP of Operations, and in 1999, he was named CEO of United Petroleum Corporation before returning to Farm Stores as COO.

Robert is Farm Stores’ Franchise Sales Manager and Board Member, and also serves as a Managing Member of Awesome Supply Company, LLC.  Robert has been in the Franchise Industry for over 40 years beginning as a franchise salesman, twice becoming an Area Representative and over the last 20 years CEO owning, building and developing franchise companies.

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